Talking to your shop floor

Posted on: December 6, 2017 by Wolfgang Thronicke

In a not too distant future:

FAB > Hi Bill, do you have a moment?

BILL> Sure FAB. What‘s up?

FAB> We have a production request which is in conflict with our running orders!

BILL> Ok. Can you give me details?

FAB> Our customer X is urgently requesting 30 units of the new self-sealing ball bearing in 3 days. This customer has a priority contract. However, the priority is limited to orders of size 20. We could currently satisfy 15 without jeopardizing the current production contracts with our customers by restructuring the assembly lines and 3D-printer usage.

BILL> Ok. Have you checked our 2 other production sites?

FAB> Of course I have. The high precision printer needed is currently in maintenance in site A and site B has none. They cannot satisfy this request.

BILL> FAB assume we redistribute the current productions from our site to the others. Is this possible? Simulate the outcome. What could we offer customer X then?

FAB> Let me think…. It is possible; we would be able to deliver 22 in time and the remaining in the next day.

BILL> Well, done. Let us do that! Let us contact the customer if she agrees! Can you patch me through?

FAB> Bill, let me do that. You know it is not recommended for humans to negotiate with AIs. And thank you for the great solution. I will extend my strategies according to that.

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