Stronger! Faster! Fitter!

Posted on: September 23, 2016 by Marc Llanes Badia

Rio 2016 marked the debut of Rugby Sevens into the Olympic Games. Bravery, skill and speed define this brand new sport at the Olympics... Just like the new cybersecurity attacks coming to the Olympic Games IT infrastructure: the cybercrime threat landscape has been broader than ever and the IT security surface has been also bigger due the exponential growth of IT adoption everywhere and Cloud.

The Olympic Games IT Cybersecurity team was set to defend. They have been in the league many years now and have been through several years of intense and focused preparations.

Most of the team has been in former events already with successful results. In London 2012 the team handled 255 million IT security events which translated in to around 700 incidents handled by highly skilled professionals, leaving the impact score to 0. In Rio the team has dealt with over 400 IT Security events per second... full house again.

Experience is not the only grade though. Strategy is also key to win this game. There have been notorious changes in the way the IT Cybersecurity team have improved their security strategy: it is not a choice to rush up or hang back, it is something in the middle. Former paradigms based on preventive security controls are not enough anymore. Now there is a need for intelligence driven security based on predictive solutions, that is, moving from stand-alone security solutions to an integrated security platform, connecting all monitoring controls with management and response services to provide a full consolidated view on security posture and enable prevention and efficient response to incidents.

Stronger! Faster! Fitter!

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