Onboarding for the future

Ensuring your employees are the right for your company and vice-versa

Onboarding is an essential part of the operations of a company. Onboarding is the process of introducing newly recruited employees to the vision, values and culture of one's company. Successful onboarding sets a positive benchmark when integrating into the life of the organization.

Onboarding at Atos

From the moment a candidate interacts with an organization, a connection is made. At Atos, although we are a global organization with more than 110,000 employees, we pride ourselves on providing our new hires with the interaction and experience expected of a small to medium organization. In Australia, Atos has a recruitment team focused on ensuring that our business is the best fit for prospective candidates. This sets up the beginning of what we hope to be a long and mutually rewarding career.

The Importance of Onboarding

The concept of being a new-joiner in the corporate industry is an exciting season in one's life, albeit a daunting and frightful prospect. One is often placed in a fastpaced, high performing environment with performance as the only measuring stick. For large companies, successful onboarding could predict the make or break of an employees' future. According to Strayboots "33% of new hires will look for a new job within their first six months of working at a new place, and 22% within the first 45 days." This affects the employee count and the company's financial position as the actual cost of replacing the average employee is around 16-20% of their annual salary.

Teamwork from the word "go."

Our local HR team support the candidate through the onboarding experience, ensuring that Atos systems are set up and prepared for their first day. To further assist with our new employees' smooth transition from candidate to Atos employee, new joiners are greeted on their first day with a welcome email that provides them with all the necessary information and links. The welcome email provides them with access to our local, dedicated SharePoint page for New Hires. From the moment we begin communicating with a candidate, to their first day with Atos, we foster a feeling of camaraderie and teamwork. Interaction with our employees is friendly and professional. This is the same across all business areas and all levels within the organization; our leadership team has 'an open door policy'.

The Buddy System

In addition, new joiners are greeted in person by their 'buddy'; their buddy is their 'go-to' to introduce them to their colleagues, assist them with onboarding activities and generally, as with the first day at school, our buddy system helps with the first day, first week and ongoing assistance. The allocated 'buddy' is not always the employee's direct manager; it may be in the case of a graduate, another graduate who has recently joined, or a colleague working on a similar project or area of the business. In addition to this, we have recently added documents to our New Hire SharePoint site entitled 'Atos Business Jargon'. This provides information relating to words and terminology used within Atos and 'The evolution of Atos ANZ' this provides a roadmap for how we became Atos today.

‘The five Atos behaviours (commitment, client orientated, entrepreneurial, team orientated, and people care) are key to how we operate and function across all countries within the Atos group.’

Finding the right fit

Onboarding people with the right leadership level, talent and experience is only one half of the solution. The ever increasing need and expectations for graduates to 'hit the ground running', has made us reevaluate how we want our new joiners to slot in quickly, navigate easily and direct their confidence and energy to achieve great things. The five Atos behaviours (commitment, client orientated, entrepreneurial, team orientated, and people care) are key to how we operate and function across all countries within the Atos group. These behaviours are on display in our offices and are part of our objective settings, performance management and bonus scheme.

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