On the road to building the future of technology

I remember the day of my first speaking event as Atos’ new Chief Technology Officer when I was to address our top managers with my vision on our technology roadmap and how we would deliver it. But the roads to La Defense in Paris, where the talk was being held, were gridlocked. Navigating the rush hour traffic threatened my arriving in time to give my talk and certainly didn’t help me to reach my targeted zen attitude!

The dream scenario

Wouldn’t it be great if autonomous cars were already on our roads? I could have sat back and practiced my speech in peace and tranquillity whilst the car navigated directions, traffic and parking.

The good news is: we’re not a million miles away from here. In my view, there are two main drivers for digital transformation:

  • the evolution of applications and uses and
  • the evolution of technologies.

These two rely on one another but they are moving at different speeds.

The road ahead

In my role at Atos, my aim is for us to address both. Together with our clients we understand what customers and consumers want from the future of products and services and we’re also experts in R&D, working with top universities, partners and start-ups.

We are working from exascale to nanoscale and everything in between. From classical computers through our BullSequana range through to quantum computing. Integrating artificial intelligence and security as we develop.

We have also initiated the move to edge computing. Managing the explosion in IoT and the ramp up of 5G network to ensure organizations are equipped to take advantage of the data they are producing. Smart machines and robotics will follow. They’ll change the business models within all industries, especially manufacturing, transport and the emergence of smart cities.

We’ll be at the heart of these evolutions but the road there, much like my road to La Defense, will be tricky. There will be disruptions along the way.

Digital Dilemmas

Our physical world becomes progressively more digital and ways of consuming and interacting with digital are changing through rapid technology advances. This raises both significant opportunities and challenges for businesses. Our thought leadership publication, Journey 2022 – ‘Resolving Digital Dilemmas’ talks about the need for balance. Technology must evolve but businesses need to take a responsible and human-centric approach to anticipate the impact of technology innovations.

Effecting change

To meet this challenge, we, at Atos, are already on the road… preparing ourselves, leveraging on our people and technological strengths.

From September 10th to 12th, over 400 people including Atos technical experts, partners and start-ups will gather during our 2nd Expert convention in Madrid to build the future of technology and to instil and drive technological changes that will help our clients master these challenges in a sustainable and ethical way.

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About Sophie Proust
Group Chief Technology Officer, Atos and member of the Scientific Community
Sophie has been the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Atos since January 2019. She joined the Atos group in 2014 following the acquisition by Atos of Bull, where she held the position of Head of Research & Development. At Atos, Sophie was head of the Research & Development for the Big Data & Cybersecurity division, from 2014 to January 2019. Alongside this, Sophie is part of the Atos Quantum Advisory board. Before Atos, Sophie held various technical managerial positions at Bull in the mainframe, IT administration solutions and HW server design. In 2010, Sophie headed the Tera100 Project which delivered the CEA with the first Petaflops-scale calculator in Europe. She has been a member of the board of directors of Worldline since December 2016 and a member of the board of directors of the Université Technologique de Troyes (UTT) since December 2018. Sophie Proust is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité “Supélec” of Paris.

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