New digital horizons in nuclear

Posted on: June 21, 2018 by Paul da Cruz

We are counting down to the 2018 World Nuclear Exhibition, June 26-28 in Paris. As one of the highlights of the year for our energy and utility teams, WNE gives us the opportunity to stand back and ask what really matters to our clients in the nuclear sector.

Unsurprisingly, digital transformation is high on the agenda.

There are plenty of ways to look at digital transformation in nuclear and many exhibitors at WNE will be keenly focused on the topic.

Some will take the lead from specific technology developments. They will look, for example, at how robotics, automation or data analytics can be applied in nuclear digital transformation initiatives.

Others will look instead at specific areas of nuclear operations and ask how digital transformation can help nuclear companies improve in areas including training, job planning, new-build or decommissioning.

We have chosen to lead with the three themes - processes, people and assets. We have found that in recent discussions with our nuclear clients, this approach helps us cut right through both technology and business silos.

It allows us to ask how processes from across nuclear operations can be made safer and more effective. Many processes in today’s industry are essentially electronically-enhanced versions of the paper-based processes established in the early days of the sector. The future will be different. In a data-driven business, our clients need processes to become more agile and more responsive to actual conditions.

With the people theme, we ask how employees and sub-contractors can be helped to improve productivity through digital innovation. I believe this is a necessity for the industry, not least because a new generation of digital engineers has grown up expecting information at their fingertips. It is also crucial in capturing the knowledge and experience of those who are nearing the end of their working lives before they leave the industry.

And finally, we shall be looking at assets, and asking how best new digital practices can help the nuclear industry safely maximize the productive life-cycle of their plant investments. This examination spans both existing operations and new-build. We frequently discuss, for example, ways in which the smart management of a nuclear facility can ensure that planned shut-down can be executed with the greatest efficiency and the least disruption.

Throughout WNE 2018, our team of nuclear specialists will be sharing experience using real examples to show how digital innovation can help streamline process, empower the workforce, and protect assets.

Atos will demonstrate its digital value proposition for nuclear at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE 2018), the biannual leading event for the global civil nuclear energy community, from 26-28 June 2018 at Paris Villepinte.

Our experts will be pleased to welcome you Hall 7 Stand F89.

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