Who leads in a digital world – policy-makers or users?

Posted on: August 16, 2018 by Scott Hain

It wasn’t too long ago that many private and public service providers were developing channel strategies that attempted to control how services would be provided to their customers. Then things changed and, as some companies discovered to their expense, the balance of power shifted and customers started voting with their feet.

Even today, many public and private sector organisations are still largely dependent on websites as their main or only digital channel. As a result, they have no single view of their customer or any detailed understanding of their personal needs or preferences. Compare that to new players who are driving digital disruption with their ability to predict and satisfy the needs of millions. And the incumbents who have survived have done so by radically overhauling and reinventing the way they perform every aspect of their business.

Delivering Scotland’s digital ambitions

In Scotland, there is recognition of the vital importance of digital technologies in enabling Scottish Government and businesses to meet the challenges of today’s global economy. The Government’s latest digital ambitions are encapsulated in its Digital Strategy to be recognised as a vibrant, inclusive, open and outward-looking digital nation.

To advance that ambition and meet their most urgent business challenges, I believe there are three key approaches that digital leaders in every sector need to adopt. Firstly, they need to truly put the customer in control of their services; secondly, they need to put digital at the heart of the business, not as a separate department; and thirdly, they need to fully adopt agile methodologies, governance, decision-making processes and an agile culture.

Each of these three approaches requires current mindsets and protocols to evolve as digital technologies continue to advance. Atos’ new Digital Vision for Scotland explores these challenges, approaches and enablers in more detail and examines their implications for Scotland. The paper looks at what is driving Scotland’s response to the digital age and points to technologies to watch as Scotland’s digital evolution continues.

Read the full Digital Vision for Scotland here and join the conversation online using #DVfScot

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