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Posted on: Mar 22, 2018 by Michael Kollar

This blog series started with some questions about trends we were seeing as our clients encountered challenges on the path to cloud modernization.

CIO Magazine looked into the trends for us. They conducted market research and analysis, and published the findings in this report: IT Trailblazers Reveal a Path to Business Value from App Transformation.

I like participating in this kind of project because it accomplishes two things:

  1. Aligning our R&D activities to the real priorities not only of our clients but also those outside of our client base
  2. Publishing insights that allow every kind of enterprise to benefit from our experiences

On that note, we’ll conclude the series with a look into the future.

Kollar’s crystal ball

What I see on the horizon is the next generation of service management. Today we may provide automation to deal with events, issues and problems that are encountered, but it’s typically based on understanding a known state. As complexity grows and services grow, we’ll have to move to what we’d call cognitive or artificial intelligence-type engines embedded into service management.

AI and machine learning engines will dynamically understand the environment and its changes. And they’ll figure out, without any human intervention, how to resolve service management and/or quality issues — including on-the-fly automations to resolve service problems.

Predicting predictive for the trailblazers

Trailblazers need to start looking into the integration of predictive analytics into their service management environment. The next advancement for them is to regularly predict what kinds of service issues are coming and then prevent them.

Tasks ahead for the laggards

Non-trailblazers really should be thinking about a fully integrated vision for service management, end-to-end across apps, infrastructure and security. It must focus on private and public cloud for delivery and service management.

Many enterprises are still thinking about service management in silos: an infrastructure view, a security view, an application view. They’re missing the end-to-end holistic picture that the trailblazers look at, which is everything in aggregate focused on business services rather than infrastructure services.

I know this because we’re actively building the models, writing the code, building platforms to enable service management and hybrid cloud orchestration for our clients. We can’t all be trailblazers, but we don’t all need to be. This research will help you look at what they’re doing, to see if it would work for you.

In addition to the CIO magazine report, you can access a related webinar on demand and other insights here:


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