Is this the future of enterprise Kubernetes?

Way back in March of this year, before all of our lives got turned upside down and staying in became the new going out, VMware launched a new product suite into the world, Tanzu.

An amalgamation of its recent acquisitions under a single brand and purpose, Tanzu promised a lot:

  • Operating container based application at scale.
  • Managing consistency in Kubernetes environments across multiple clouds.
  • Maintaining visibility of every Kubernetes cluster attached to a single point of control for command of access, back-up, utilization and security policies.
  • Develop cloud-native apps and maintain existing apps side-by-side, on the same enterprise-grade platform.

It was a vision shared by other technology companies… but VMware had two things on their side:

  • The fact that an estimated 80% of all virtualised workloads worldwide runs on their technology.
  • The long predicted “death of private cloud” has yet to come to pass.

In fact, VMware’s strategic alliances with VMware Cloud on the big hyperscalers has helped to cement its place in the future of cloud services. VMware is a familiar home ground for many IT professionals working in the cloud space. The ability to use familiar tools regardless of where they are deployed is therefore a powerful attraction.

In recent years they have made some key strategic acquisitions that strengthen their position in providing a strong hybrid platform for cloud native application developers. And incorporating the products from companies like Heptio and Wavefront under the Tanzu banner has helped them to create an ecosystem that provides the visibility, governance and guardrails that corporate IT desires and flexibility and freedom that startups crave.

Creating compelling or engaging digital services and software is quickly becoming a key factor that determines a company’s success.

Application agility is key

Creating compelling or engaging digital services and software is quickly becoming a key factor that determines a company’s success. Many companies are looking internally to develop applications that meet their specific needs rather than buying off the shelf products. In fact, by the end of 2020 Gartner estimates that 75% of applications supporting digital business will be built and not bought.

Our customers are looking for an efficient way to ‘move’ workloads to the cloud. Whether that be the migration of existing apps to IaaS or CaaS or the (re)development of cloud native apps … or realistically, a little bit of everything, our customers all want a way to get the most from their cloud investment and developer efforts.

Kubernetes and containers are rapidly becoming the de-facto standard tools for building, deploying and managing applications at scale across hybrid and multi-cloud landscapes. Containers provide a highly portable way of encapsulating the application logic enabling it to be deployed and executed on any infrastructure.

In using Tanzu, businesses have a scalable and responsive digital platform that can support business innovation and growth by being able to rapidly deploy applications and workloads as part of the development lifecycle. The Tanzu ecosystem provides a unified platform able to connect and secure applications in a common operating environment: it gives IT the freedom to adapt to rapid change in workloads so that data and applications can be developed or transferred across cloud environments as the business sees fit.

Multi-cloud made easy

Tanzu can also manage Kubernetes environments deployed on a growing number of public cloud platforms. And in combination with the ubiquitous VMWare Vcentre, it can provide a secure on-premise home for applications which are not ready or not suitable for public cloud deployment.

The product suite provides all of the components and functionalities to maintain visibility and control over containerized workloads, regardless of the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Unlocking the full potential of Kubernetes and containers needs a platform that provides the portability and access to the key functionality essential to the aims of the business but also addresses the security, manageability and observability of the application estate.

Ultimately, Tanzu adds another string to the highly capable VMware bow by simplifying the deployment and operations of Kubernetes, decoupling applications from the infrastructure they run on and allowing developers to focus on what they do best: developing.

Following VMWorld 2020, you can listen to our Session on “Application Modernization with Atos and Tanzu” by Wim Los, Head of Atos Cloud Enterprise Solutions. Link here

By Dave Johnson, Global Product Manager, Atos

Posted on
October 01

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