International Women’s Day, Atos, and Gender Balance Through The Years

Posted on: March 7, 2019 by Denise Reed Lamoreaux

Our focus on gender balance has led us on an exciting journey over the past 3 years, and while we have progressed in many areas, we still seek to attain better balance; hiring qualified women to join us on our digital journey, and providing development opportunities to help our women advance to the highest level here at Atos.

In 2017, the rally cry was to #BeBoldForChange

And we were! Atos heard the call for everyone “to help forge a better working world – a more gender-inclusive world.” We placed an intense focus on developing our Women’s Affinity Groups to provide a platform for discussions, networking, knowledge sharing, and educational opportunities to not only showcase our women talents, but also provide them with a roadmap to successfully navigate their careers. We reviewed policies and taught women how to develop their personal brand for use in professional settings. We increased the number of women in our Scientific and Expert communities; the pinnacle of technological achievement here, and we engaged in reverse mentoring programs with our most senior leaders and our newest hires. Brandon Hall, a research and analyst firm in HR, felt our efforts were noteworthy and presented our North American office with a Bronze Award for our women-centric programs.

2018 asked us to #PressForProgress, so we took notice and created Women Who Succeed, our flagship program dedicated to progressing our women talents. This program ensures that:

  • at least 1 woman was identified as a successor for all key roles;
  • we increased the percentage of:
    • women working at Atos;
    • women in senior level roles.

Subprograms sprang from this initiative:

  • I support Women Who Succeed;
  • I am A Woman Who Succeeds;
  • I Intend To Become A Woman Who Succeeds.

Targeted Learning programs were implemented:

  • HMM’s Leading In The Digital Age;
  • Skillsoft’s Women In Action;
  • Invest In Yourself;
  • The Inclusive Leader.

We pressed for progress and increased the number of women in senior positions, creating a movement that led to several external awards:

VERCIDA names Atos:

  • #7 on the Top 10 Gender Inclusive Employers List;
  • #4 on the Top 5 Age-Inclusive Employers List;
  • Atos women from Greece featured in Women In Business Publication;
  • Jo Shepherd won UK Women In IT Award;
  • We were named to the “Best Place For Race” list in the UK;
  • We moved up to 101st on the Stonewall Equality Index.

Now we find ourselves in 2019, continuing our efforts to #BalanceforBetter. Our commitment to increasing the number of women at our company starts right at the top, with ExCom members committed to supporting the “feet on the street” in our efforts to attract, develop, and retain key women talents. Our Women Who Succeed program enters its second year with activities that include ExCom advice sessions, reverse mentoring relationships between senior leaders and women from our LGBT networks and targeted coaching for women to name a few. We report weekly on the number of women hired and promoted in all 72 countries and feature our women talents on social media almost daily. We’ve partnered with Textio to revise our job descriptions to remove gender bias.

Balancing for better isn’t about walking a tightrope; it’s about laying down a foundation that will yield the desired results. Here at Atos, our desire is to attain gender balance thereby offering an optimal experience to our employees and clients alike. Gender balance provides game-changing solutions that position us all for success. And, when women succeed, companies flourish. Here at Atos, we intend to change the game through gender balance.

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About Denise Reed Lamoreaux
Global Chief Diversity Officer
Denise Reed Lamoreaux is the Global Chief Diversity Officer at Atos, and brings 30+ years of Leadership, Marketing and Communication, and Learning and Development experience to her role. Denise has aligned with Recruiting, Corporate Social Responsibility, the Compliance Network and Learning and Development to ensure that the Diversity Dimensions (Gender, Generations, Culture, LGBT+, and Accessibility) are interwoven into business processes, and that learning opportunities focus on D&I topics. Denise brings her passion for Diversity and Inclusion to the programs she develops and delivers, and to the We Are Atos Employee Experience Program. Two recent achievements are the launch of Skillsoft’s Women In Action program, and the implementation of Textio, which will aid us in creating unbiased job descriptions. During her tenure, Atos has been recognized externally in several categories, joined organizations such as the ILO, and signed the UN Standards of Conduct for Business,’s Parity Pledge, and L’ Autre Cercle’s charter.

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