How graduates can benefit from mentorship

When culture and experience come together in an opportunity for graduates to fast track their careers

Mentorship contributes to successful onboarding and sets a positive benchmark when integrating graduates into the life of the organization. In this article, I will discuss how graduates can benefit from mentorship.

The Culture Clause

Mentorship and trust go hand in hand in cultivating a healthy culture for organizations to grow. Peter Drucker said "culture eats strategy for breakfast" and remains as accurate today as it did in the year 2000. Albeit around the top tier management decision-making table or onboarding meeting for newcomers, our culture defines us as an organization. It is the lifeblood for our vision, mission and values. Without the appropriate culture, one's organization's arteries become clogged, making the vision, mission, and values undeliverable to many parts of the body.

Mentoring vs Managing

Mentorship be it direct and personal, or indirect and from a distance empowers the mentee to follow their mentor by doing what they do and not necessarily what they say. Senior team members, through their actions without knowing, provide examples of acceptable behaviour in the workplace.

The intentional mentoring of individuals plays a significant role in employee retention, productivity, and well-being. With the latest work from home restrictions, organizations need to be intentional about their mentorship programmes, ensuring they regularly check in with their workforce. With the digital transformation brought about by the events of 2020, employees can now partake in remote mentoring. Now, Leaders can focus on the individual's personal development and growth as opposed to the traditional managerial style of supervising the operations and work performance of the individual.

In 2021, in conjunction with Atos' IT Graduate program, Atos Australia is introducing a workplace mentorship program for all onboarding graduates. Furthermore, we are committed to helping graduates, and new joiners integrate into the workplace seamlessly by setting them up to win through their induction experience. We believe this theory to be of help, whether in the workplace or in their personal development. We are committed to seeing young individuals' development and growth by helping them achieve their goals.

‘Senior team members, through their actions without knowing, provide examples of acceptable behaviour in the workplace.’

The result of mentorship

Why do we believe that mentorship is important? Mentorship is an empowering process which combines traditional managing, supervising and coaching to equip the individual with the skillset, experience and leadership to make their career pathway a success. Mentoring allows for the swift integrations into the workforce, encourages workplace morale and creates a sense of belonging for new joiners. Mentorship is not merely a process of "follow the leader" it is a partnership of coming in alongside a more experienced individual and leaning and gleaning from them as they provide guidance, wisdom and leadership for your professional path.

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