How digital transformation is reshaping the customer experience?

Posted on: September 27, 2019 by Christophe Dos Santos

If you’ve been in the IT sector for a long time, you probably remember the days when your data and applications were hosted in a datacenter that was close to the enterprises which used it. Network and voice services providers have heard the market loud and clear, making customer experience the cornerstone of their digital transformation efforts to streamline the processes and to run the businesses more efficiently. This has all changed as businesses increasingly seek flexible working arrangements and more and more business is done in the cloud, instead of via physical networks. During the last decade, the business infrastructure has become digital. This is the new reality of the digital age.

A changing landscape with a rethink the role of IT strategy

Change is about the only constant in today’s landscape, and the rate of that change is only going to increase as we move further into the 21st century. Now is the perfect time to rethink the role of IT in organizations, ensuring it reflects the fusion between IT strategy and business strategy. This mirrors how enterprises are changing, requiring higher bandwidth and flexible voice services, along with the urgency of migrating more operations to the cloud. This will increase bandwidth demands as the cloud becomes central to their operating models.

For many organizations, the technology revolution is well and truly on course to transform businesses forever. Cutting-edge connectivity is a huge enabler across all industries. The most coveted business applications are also the ones that bring people together, help teams build, collaborate and inspire the element of speed in workflows. This can’t be done without enterprise-grade connectivity and relevant voices services.

SDN capabilities: disruption or enhancement?

At the Atos Expert Community Convention 2019 in Madrid on September 10-12, we showcased innovations on SDN-enabled features and non-geographic numbers; they enable customers to match their data connectivity with benefits of the IT Cloud, and in parallel to manage autonomously their inbound telephony: providing the first “all-in-one” cloud experience end-to-end. On demand services are a technological breakthrough in the orchestration of multiple domains and backend systems, to provide a fully automated services with real-time control of the network on such a large scale. It leans heavily on SDN capabilities to drive business efficiencies and an improved customer experience. The technology offers low latency and guaranteed bandwidth with each connection. It lets customers add new sites, create connections in real-time and then modify their bandwidth on the fly, as many times as they need.

Today, On demand services are a great opportunity for organizations around the globe to improve operations, create more engaging customer experiences, and transform business models. The time is now to think about how your IT infrastructure and network provider can really drive your organizations digital transformation.

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