Good migrations, part 2 – Taking cloud to the next level

Posted on: September 25, 2019 by Henrik Wagner

The previous post in this series was written by Vinay Yelluri after our SAP and Cloud Services team at Atos recorded some conversations for the company’s Digital Insights Radio podcast. Now it’s my turn, and I’ll show how you can move beyond the basics and drive real digital transformation.

Level up with cloud

SAP customers have come a long way in their cloud journeys over the past five or ten years. Many have adopted cloud for large portions of their applications or optimized their on-premises processing through virtualization. Now it’s time for the next steps.

Customers migrating SAP S/4HANA to the cloud are realizing fundamental cloud benefits in terms of improved service, provisioning times, TCO, elasticity and scalability. But in moving these “crown jewels” to the cloud, customers have an additional opportunity to truly digitize that ERP core that runs the company. By extending their workloads to take advantage of additional cloud service offerings, they can drive change in digital capabilities for their organizations.

To drive real digital transformation, companies can tie their SAP system into the ecosystem of cloud microservices – things like analytics, BigQuery, machine learning and AI. This lets them combine their SAP data with other data sources to gain powerful insights into their business, solve problems in new ways and create new services that can transform their businesses for the future.

Stumbling blocks

Digital transformation through cloud is a large opportunity, but sometimes companies jump in too quickly without proper planning. An important part of the journey is an initial assessment that determines proper sizing, migration options, operational models and the types of user experiences to be delivered. You might be used to a certain operating model like on-premises managed cloud with VMware, but what does that operating model look like in a public cloud with Google for example, and how can you take advantage of the added benefits and capabilities that the top cloud vendors offer ?

When implementing the new capabilities, you need to make sure you’re not breaking anything. That means mapping those capabilities to your processes to understand what they mean for functions like security, automation, high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Back to basics

The success or failure of a cloud initiative comes down to people and processes. Whether your organization builds, migrates and runs the environment on its own or in combination with external service providers, you need to really understand what that cloud operating model looks like in order to take advantage of all the capabilities and the benefits.

Bringing it all together

My team works on SAP cloud migrations in an enhanced alliance with Google. Our clients include some of the world’s largest companies. So we experience the full power generated by aligning people, processes and the best-of-the-best technologies available. Witnessing this transformation time after time … well, it’s both thrilling and humbling because, as you can see, it takes a large team from several companies to pull it off. No one can achieve it alone.

The final post in this series will be written by Kiran Musunuru, vice president of Atos’ global technical SAP and Cloud practice. Stay tuned! You’ll be able to find it here with all the latest Atos blogs.

SAP TechEd in Las Vegas September 24-27

If you’re at SAP TechEd this week, come say hi! The Atos team is at Google Cloud’s booth, #215.

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Henrik Wagner is vice president of application and cloud services for Atos North America. He serves as Atos’ global team lead for SAP on Google Cloud Strategy and go-to-market lead for Atos’ Global Technical SAP on Google Cloud Platform Task Force. To proactively improve products and services of SAP for customers, Wagner serves as an SAP Mentor, a top influencer in the SAP ecosystem providing market perspectives and feedback on SAP products, strategy and go-to-market motions. In addition, he has been named a VMWare vExpert for SAP. Prior to joining Atos, Wagner held positions on global SAP teams at Virtustream and EMC. He has more than 20 years of experience in IT, with more than half specific to SAP.

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