Flipped learning: Future-proofing IT for Students

Posted on: September 17, 2012 by Kay Hooghoudt

As the number of students with access to the state-of the-art technology in their school or college steadily increases, it becomes more apparent that ‘flipped learning’ is fast becoming the teaching style of choice. Different to conventional learning, ‘flipped learning’ takes advantage of the digital based classroom of the 21st century and encourages students to instead learn new material or tasks at home, often in the form of online lectures, leaving all important classroom time for interaction, discussion and debate.

While some schools and colleges are already embracing this new approach to learning, there are many that have yet to consider a change, which could be a result of time, resource or restrictive board members. Whatever the reason, this has resulted in an increase in pressure, felt across the industry, to keep up.

Join forces with an ICT-partner

This was evident when Albeda College in the Netherlands, faced with competition from a neighboring college with a similar intake capacity and portfolio of courses, took the decision to join forces with an ICT-partner to update, enhance and future-proof their IT provision.

Share, collaborate and connect

The 25,000 capacity college wanted to create an IT offering that allowed its students to share, collaborate and connect with each other, while ensuring that they had access to the latest programmes and services. Their brief was to enable ‘anytime, anyplace, any device learning’, so that they could negate the requirement for on-premise technology.

As their chosen IT partner, we introduced cloud computing to the institution, which has the ability to be accessed from anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity and offers a great deal of flexibility. This means that the college could allow its staff and students admission the latest and most innovative of IT services, at their fingertips.

Given the pay-as-you-go nature that the cloud offers, we were also able to ease the management of the college’s IT budget throughout and reduce the risks of unexpected costs. And through building such a strong partnership with Albeda College, they have now well and truly been able to embrace the cloud service era, with all of their students now digitally connected.

Now a key competitor within their industry, the college is able to offer its digitally savvy students the best possible technology services and tools, supplying them with a solid understanding and knowledge to easily make their next steps into employment.

Dr. Marcel J.W.T. Nollen, Member Board of Directors at Albeda College was extremely pleased with the results they have seen so far since switching to the cloud, which has created a working environment that supports the new generation of students and staff.

So as technology continues to evolve, I think that educational institutions who do not develop their IT offering as Abeda College did, will get left behind and their students will suffer for it.

IT Management

We worked closely with the college to agree and implement a strategy that supported its wants and needs, encouraging remote learning, use of smartphone devices, developing curriculum design and qualifications to empower the students and the staff to immerse themselves in the digital landscape. So by removing the worry and management of IT, we were able to allow the college to do what it does best, provide a quality education for students, year-on-year.

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