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Posted on: July 6, 2018 by Jordan Janeczko

The new Atos Look Out 2020+ industry trends report has landed. Take a peek and you will find highlights from our different industries, details of critical emerging technologies and lots more to help YOU drive innovation in YOUR organization in the coming years – including a discussion on the rise of intelligent business platforms. Let me elaborate.

We’ve noticed that, for a few years now, executives have been talking about their company’s DNA. It’s a shorthand notation for what their company in a very fundamental sense IS. They use it to capture what they do well, what they focus on, and what they will always do to stay successful. The DNA metaphor has been used to describe the genes of the company. And it is a great metaphor.

The latest IT technologies and trends are now taking it one step further, making it all the more powerful. This is exactly why we have selected it as the Focus On topic for our just-released Atos Look Out 2020+ industry trends report.

In our Focus On section, we dedicate space to the ideas and issues concerning the data-driven enterprise and how data is, in essence, the digital organization’s DNA. We look at how digital intelligence is now driving business model innovation. We examine how co-operating with major platform providers helps you define your own intelligent business platform of tomorrow. And we explore how data sharing in ecosystems is beginning to play out.

After all, DNA itself is the data storage of the organism, and the center of all the processes and activities that turn that data into a functioning organism. The latest leaps in technology have let the full set of enterprise data become the DNA of the digitalized enterprise. Powerful new data platforms allow coordinated enterprise-wide analysis, the controlled sharing of data between ecosystem partners and security to match the importance of what you are storing.

With this new ability, all enterprise processes can now become data-centric – simulated in advance, compared against plans and used to chart new courses. By having a joint view of facts on the ground, it can be used to avoid misunderstandings between departments.

With intelligent business platforms key to organizations across all markets, in the coming weeks, I’ll be delving deeper into the opportunities and challenges our experts believe these will bring to individual industry sectors.

We created our trends report to help you focus on your future. So, take a few moments to dive into Look Out 2020+ Industry Trends to stay one step!

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About Jordan Janeczko
Cloud Strategist at Atos and member of the Scientific Community
Jordan Janeczko is the Cloud Strategist for the Global Systems Integration of Atos and a member of the Scientific Community. After graduating from the University of Illinois in Computer Science, he started working for Siemens in their software division in Vienna, Austria. While there, he has worked on many research and development topics– for example in 1992 on collaboration software projects for the European Space Agency, in 1995 on Voice over IP technologies. Staying in the area of new product development but moving to product and portfolio management, in 1999 he started working in the area of the IP-Based Multimedia Subsystem for mobile network providers. Since 2009 Jordan has been helping define and build secure cloud services and cloud integration services, and has been invited as a cloud thought leader to speak at many global cloud events. In the Scientific Community, Jordan is working on Big Data and Cloud Computing, and in GSI he is globally responsible for the cloud computing strategy.

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