Enterprise Security: The Threats to Your Organisation

Posted on: December 9, 2014 by

Atos - Enterprise Security: The Threats to Your OrganisationNo consumer wants their credit card details stolen, no business wants their critical IP sieged and no government wants hackers stealing state secrets…Yet all these incidents have taken place in the last year with alarming regularity.

It seems there are no limits to the inventiveness of cyber criminals – threats to enterprise security are continually evolving. Cyber-attacks are no longer simply ‘hit and run affairs’ but have become Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), endangering the IT estates of all organizations. Cyber criminals are employing a variety of creative techniques to disrupt businesses.

A widely used tricks is the USB Drop – where USB sticks are supposedly ‘lost’ near the a workplace, and when unsuspecting employees plug them into the system they are loaded with malware, set to auto-run in company computers. This malware can then harvest employee login credentials and other business critical information. Most recently, business executives visiting luxury hotels in Asia were at risk of malware delivered by public Wi-Fi networks while electronic cigarettes users have found their laptops being infected by malware when plugging the device into charge via their USB ports – well, we’ve always known that smoking is bad for you!

Although these attacks are very sophisticated and require a high level of skill, many of the more-established brute-force cyber-attacks are still proving effective. Even last month game developer Blizzard was one of many organizations reporting a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack which stopped servers from working properly for several hours.

It’s not only businesses that are under attack - take the London 2012 Olympics. As the world’s first ‘social Games’, the unprecedented level of social media activity meant the event faced a huge number of new and unknown cyber threats. Taking charge of the event’s security, Atos logged and neutralised over 255 million IT security events (equivalent to over 10,000 per minute) but not one was able to impact the smooth running of the Games.

The ever more complex armoury of cyber threats means that keeping pace with the latest innovations and risks is a formidable task – and is one that can distract from core business goals.

Over the next few months we’ll be exploring some of the most important topics in the cyber security debate, including how to prevent some of the worst APTs, manage the risk associated with a mobile workforce and help increase employee awareness to form safer working habits.

But first, take a look at our introduction to the five key risk areas where your organization may be vulnerable to cyber security threats…

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