Enhancing health and happiness at work

Posted on: May 20, 2015 by Marianne Hewlett

Ever wondered how you could improve your wellbeing at work? With the blurring of our personal and professional lives, there are greater pressures on our time. Consuming more content than ever before and getting distracted by a plethora of devices, we seem to have fewer hours in the day to get our work done. As a consequence, we’re putting more pressure on ourselves to perform in the office. Last year, stress and mental health disorders overtook back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders as the biggest long-term health problem and cause of sickness absence for the first time. So how can we improve our health and happiness in the workplace?

Here, I offer my top tips to avoid stress and build personal resilience…

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Senior Vice President and member of the Scientific Community
Marianne Hewlett is a Senior Vice President at Atos and a seasoned marketeer and communications expert. Passionate about connecting people, technology and business, she is a member of the Atos Scientific Community where she explores the Future of Work and the impact of technology on individuals, organizations and society. She is a strong ambassador for diversity and inclusivity – and particularly encourages female talent to pursue a career in IT – as she believes a diverse and happy workforce is a key driver for business success. As an ambassador for the company’s global transformation program Wellbeing@work, she explores new technologies and ways of working that address the needs of current and future generations of employees. A storyteller at heart, she writes about the human side of business and technology and posts include insights into the future of work, the science of happiness, and how wellbeing and diversity can drive success.

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