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Posted on: July 7, 2015 by Mike Smith

Earlier this month I was invited by one of our technology partners, Juniper, to present at an intimate IDC event. It had the snappy title “Enabling Digital Transformation … with an Agile, Open and Secure Data Centre”. Delegates included senior representatives from the likes of Santander, Visa, Sony, Arqiva and the Bank of New York.

I took the opportunity to talk about a new product that we've launched which is aligned to the theme – the Digital Data Centre. This is our new fully virtualised “Software Defined Data Centre” – including software-defined network and software-defined storage layers as well as the (now) traditional virtualised compute infrastructure.

This takes us a step closer to fully malleable infrastructures that can be adapted to address changing customer workloads, without the manual configuration activities and complex overheads that dog the IT world of yesterday.

We now talk about overlay and underlay networks. The underlay is now a simple physical routed infrastructure provided by basic switch technology from our network partners. The clever network functions have now been moved to a software layer – the overlay network. Multiple VLANs, Load-balancing, next generation firewalls, "East-West" communications across the virtualised infrastructures all provided by the software; in this case using VMware’s NSX.

The self-service and orchestration facilities how extend to the network and storage layers and more than ever we can let our customers take control of their infrastructures for themselves (should they wish to).

We also had great side-conversations on topics like DevOps, on which I have been published previously. Incidentally this is also the topic of an Atos Scientific Community track to investigate how DevOps techniques can be better used and exploited in large organisations - watch out for more on this topic coming soon.

The Digital Data Centre is now live and running production workloads for our clients and there's a roadmap of additional features being added over the remainder of 2015.

I have just received the photographic evidence of the event, and it turns out that the Atos style ... or at least my presentation style ... includes various hand signals.

For those who are interested in learning more about the Digital Data Center and how it can help enable your Digital Transformation, we have more information at http://www.atos.net/ddc


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