Embrace no-compromise, next-generation enterprise client PCs

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Organizations today are undertaking tremendous digital transformations. They are adopting new technologies to identify new marketplace opportunities, enhance the customer experience, and increase internal efficiencies and many more.

Enterprise PCs play a key role in supporting and accelerating these digital transformations. As organizations look to refresh their existing fleets, they must select PCs that help boost their employee productivity and meet evolving employee expectations while addressing rigorous enterprise IT requirements.

Meeting end-user expectations and enterprise IT requirements

Organizations worldwide are indeed facing new challenges in improving employee productivity. They must support an increasingly mobile workforce, enabling employees to work anytime, anywhere. In selecting enterprise PCs, organizations are looking for systems that can offer the robust performance for a wide range of demanding applications, the flexibility to accommodate a diverse array of working styles and the connectivity to support employees on the move.

Organizations must also meet new employee expectations. Employees today want enterprise PCs to incorporate all the innovative capabilities they are used to experiencing in consumer systems: these should be thin, light, durable, easy to use, and responsive, have great battery life and be available in a variety of form factors.

Enterprise PCs must also meet key enterprise IT requirements. For example, they must have capabilities that help secure corporate data and streamline management. And they must help keep costs in check.

Any time an employee’s user name and password are compromised, the enterprise is vulnerable. Eight-character passwords that change every 90 days worked well a decade ago, but increasingly commonplace attack methods such as password cracking, phishing and screen scraping accentuate the need for stronger identity protection. Sixty-three percent of data breaches are caused by stolen or misused credentials. (1) Costs associated with these breaches are growing, with the average cost of a data breach estimated at a staggering $4 million. (2)

To thwart these identity-based security attacks, multifactor authentication is becoming a new industry standard. But not all solutions are created equal. Intel is reducing the vulnerabilities of software-only solutions with its hardware-enhanced multifactor authentication solution, which protects the PC by hardening security outside of the operating system to reduce the risk of data breaches. It verifies a user’s identity for domain and network access login by using any combination of multiple hardened factors at the same time, in an IT-customizable manner.

Several vendors now offer no-compromise, next-generation enterprise PCs equipped with 6th and 7th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors and the Microsoft Windows* 10 operating system that can help address key productivity challenges, meet user expectations and comply with IT requirements. Understanding the capabilities of these devices and learning deployment best practices can help organizations prepare for evolving needs.

PassMark* testing shows today’s enterprise PCs deliver significantly better performance than previous-generation systems PassMark* testing shows today’s enterprise PCs deliver significantly better performance than previous-generation systems[/caption]

As the tests show , even the fastest-performing workstations of a few years ago are no match for today’s enterprise PCs which can deliver strong performance and are well suited for all but the most demanding computing requirements across the enterprise.

Today’s no-compromise enterprise PCs provide a compelling compute platform for enterprise IT management, as well as great features for users to be more productive. It’s like having the best of both worlds. Employee demands and enterprise needs are changing. Today’s no-compromise, next-generation enterprise PCs with Intel Core vPro processors and Windows 10 help improve productivity, address enterprise IT requirements and meet employee expectations. These PCs offer outstanding performance, security, manageability, connectivity and responsiveness in a variety of form factors. In many cases, refreshing existing client systems with today’s enterprise PCs helps organizations reduce costs.

I look forward to talking with you about your particular immediate and long-term requirements, and helping you streamline solution deployment and management. Let’s continue this discussion here.

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