When Ecosystems Come Together, Experience Wins

Posted on: June 18, 2018 by Mike Harm

I’m excited that we can finally discuss our ambitions with our recently announced partnership with Google on Cloud, AI, and Digital Workplace. I’ve been rooting for this for a while, as I’m an ardent fan of GSuite as a consumer, and I’ve slowly been transforming my home into a tiny Googleplex in and of itself - Google Wifi, Chromebooks for the kids, (and a new Pixelbook for THIS guy last year!), My Pixel 2 XL at my side, and Google Assistant via Google Home devices everywhere in the house - Google’s GSuite and device/assistant/software offerings have made the ‘user ecosystem’ at my home effortless - When you do what I do for a living, effortless at home is a good thing. At the end of a work day, I long for the simplicity of a digital experience away from the urge to configure and customize, and this wrapper of Google’s services and assistant give me just that…

This arrangement at home has introduced a few challenges as well - For example, My wife doesn’t want a Chromebook - She clings to the comfort and capability of her MacBook Pro, her iPad, and her iPhone… The kids are still adamant that their iPads have full access to the iTunes media in the home, and of course, all of the connected services (they can be angry little end-users). I also equally love my OWN MacBook Pro and iPhone.. Not to mention the Windows 10 devices that satisfy my need to constantly tinker with our capabilities in modern device management.

I know what you’re thinking - “You poor thing! All of these devices and TOO much choice! - Cry me a river!” - But at the end of the day, there are great things that each of these platforms and services bring to delight their customers, and in some ways, they can be made to work together to really give you an ultimate user experience. At home, I’ve implemented many devices and services from Apple, Microsoft and MANY others to bring high-capability and automation to my home, but Google brings it all together with their WiFi, their Assistant, and their GSuite tools, and provides my family the simplicity to help Dad make it work without the (sometimes tempting) complexities of his day job.

Back at the office, I’ve worked with my talented fellow technologists within Atos to ensure that our Digital Workplace services are just as focused on EMPOWERMENT and EFFICIENCY as these consumer experiences - My other writings tell more of that tale - And in some ways even those initiatives are really about bringing a consumer-like ENGAGEMENT into play as part of how our users consume workplace services… But even looking at the microcosm of my home situation, I’m forced to figure out what user, cloud, and infrastructure services are best at supporting more than just a single ecosystem, and how to use third parties to provide a set of user services for a pretty demanding crowd (And at home I have just as much motivation to maximize value-for-cost!)

At Atos, we’ve finally invited Google into the family of infrastructure, AI and workplace partners, so that we can do exactly that. We are already aligning our experts with Google’s key products in this space (GSuite, ChromeOS, Android, and the technologies within them) to take advantage of their simplified, yet highly sophisticated approach - And integrate where needed to other investments that our customers have made, and other ecosystems that their businesses and their markets demand. Most of the clients I speak to are doing SOMETHING with GSuite, Google Cloud Platform, or their cognitive and AI services. It’s about time we got fully involved and leveraged our expertise in the other leading platforms to help customers better integrate the value of the Google Cloud, or the simplicity of GSuite and ChromeOS - Alongside their other use cases!

Our value in alliance with other key partners in cloud services, collaboration platforms, and management tools has always been about putting the client at the heart of how we design services and solutions, and how to adapt the (sometimes) lofty ambitions of new technology with the reality of business. Usually this means bringing the best of multiple ecosystems together to create a higher-value service. Sometimes it means using the best of multiple “worlds” to deliver best-in-class solutions and services. Adding Google to our stable of partners and technology stack gives us more of this capability, and as we’ve seen in our other relationships, giving our customers more choice and capability can only be good for them.

As I head off to join my colleagues this month in training and planning sessions on this new partnership, stay tuned for more as we announce new capabilities and unique experience opportunities as this alliance unfolds.

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About Mike Harm
Chief Technology Officer – Workplace and member of the Scientific Community
Mike Harm is the Chief Technology Officer for the Workplace domain at Atos and has spent over 20 years providing, designing, implementing and envisioning differentiated workplace services in partnership with clients worldwide. With a background that spans support services, process engineering, IT Service Management, systems engineering and innovation product management, he is passionately connected to the technological, behavioral, and procedural pulse of the user experience from end-to-end. He is a member of the Atos Scientific Community where he explores the impact of digitization on the human experience, the future of work, and new concepts of productivity and employment emerging from digital trends. In his role at Atos, he is responsible for technology partnerships, supplier strategic relationships, overall workplace vision and strategy as well as delivery technology policy in the workplace domain and adherence enforcement to those policies throughout service and product development lifecycle.

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