Don’t lose time reinventing the wheel, make the wheel work for your business

Posted on: August 30, 2019 by Luc Pierson

When I speak to customers about digital transformation or innovation they understand the need for change but are held back on these areas due to internal IT pressures around migration and legacy architecture. These systems need to be rebuilt so they are robust, more secure and can deliver the right experience for the customer. Furthermore, such projects often take months to deliver so the benefits to a business can take several years to be realized.

However, what if you don’t need to reinvent the wheel but simply recalibrate it to work smarter for your business: ie. delivering services to market faster, removing the constraints of legacy applications and running workloads consistently across onsite and cloud infrastructures.

We’ve been working with Atos to deploy Atos Managed OpenShift (AMOS) across many industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical and logistics. AMOS is a fully-managed cloud container solution built on Red Hat OpenShift, an enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform. It enables customers to create and run cloud-native applications on enterprise hybrid cloud environments and deliver the flexibility customers are demanding.

At the Atos Expert Conference in Madrid, we will discuss Red Hat’s continued collaboration with Atos and demonstrate how we are innovating together to deliver real-world solutions for our customers. For example, a large manufacturer with more than 180 locations globally, moved to a 100% private cloud in its physical datacentres, supported by a zero-touch development platform using AMOS, resulting in the deployment of new applications at speed. The move also accelerated legacy application migration, helping the manufacturer pinpoint which apps could move, be refreshed and retired.

For the upcoming event, we will be discussing Red Hat’s collaboration with Atos on topics as varied as smart cities and artificial intelligence (AI):

Open Data and smart cities: Building smart cities of the future with open source technologies from Atos and Red Hat

Our discussion will showcase how cities can embrace open data initiatives from a number of sources using AMOS to be truly transformational. When cities adopt open principles, it allows for the provision of a broad range of services, including air quality monitoring, smart transportation solutions via connected buses and fleet management; and better management of emergency services and vehicles. Smart cities are just one of the many use cases for the AMOS platform and how it can deliver new applications and services faster on public or private clouds, highlighting how Atos and Red Hat are collaborating to deliver solutions that can enable this reality.

Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI): enterprise-AI applied risk-based pricing for car-insurance

AI is becoming ever more important in terms of how it can be used to analyse huge data sets which can ultimately help a range of specialists including data scientists, BI specialists and business analysts. As data becomes an organisation’s most valuable commodity, we will demonstrate what companies can achieve by using advanced analytics and AI to give them the tools to succeed. We will discuss how existing techniques and methods such as Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) work with the relatively new principles of Decision Model and Notation (DMN) in describing and modeling repeatable decisions to enable interchangeable decisions within organisations. Furthermore, our testing shows that using AMOS with a focus on machine learning and AI can deliver this technology successfully across relatively small data sets while keeping performance run times in nanoseconds even with extremely large data sets.

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About Luc Pierson
Red Hat EMEA Principal Solution Architect, Atos Alliance
I am a Open Source contributor and I work with Atos through an Alliance role to work on collaboration and the importance of sharing new insights into solving problems. Together with Atos, we help organizations to transform, to be efficient, to manage their growth. Our combined value is in helping them to adapt in a modern world converging on a digital economy, to satisfy their demanding customers, to change and adapt their IT quickly and accordingly with their global strategy. I believe in that IT is to innovate and to create business perspectives while 1) keeping the control on the existing assets 2) reducing time to market. This goes well with some ideas around modernizing their existing IT (people and assets), with the lowest technological debt possible; reducing the time between new ideas and their operational applications, keeping a constant innovation mindset for the teams.

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