“Watch this space: Domotics is inevitable”

Posted on: January 5, 2012 by Paul Albada Jelgersma

It is a difficult subject, but everybody wants it. And even though it has a difficult word to describe it, it is all about ease of use and personal benefits. The Atos Scientific Community will shortly publish a whitepaper on Domotics. Digital Homes BuildingsThe authors tell us about the big benefits and the wonderful world that awaits us and, fortunately, they are not blind to reality too:

Problem is, reality is much more prosaic. Nowadays, the field of domotics is a complex one, with lots of different proprietary technologies and standards. Installation is not easy for a typical end-user consumer, and even in new homes and buildings, the presence of basic automation capabilities can be rare. All these has tarnished the image of domotics as “expensive toys for geeky / rich users”, and so, many people think it is not essential.

How is that for honesty. The authors, in collaboration with other colleagues, have obviously done their homework very well. They discovered there are other, even more compelling reasons for the inevitable success of Domotics:

Two important lines of action are shaping its future:

The focus on an intelligent and transparent user-experience, following the principles of (…) Ambient Intelligence (…).

The importance that Energy Efficiency is having in Smart Homes and Buildings, mainly about integration with the SmartMeter/Smartgrid Technology /Energy Efficiencies.

This paints an interesting view on a future that is going to affect us all and there is an interesting conclusion on the applicability and upcoming reality of our Jetson Family-like, futuristic, living environment:

The combination of an advanced user-centered interaction and complete energy efficiency management will drive domotics in the near term, helping move it from a "DIY" affair, towards a more systemic view, where Smart Homes and Smart Buildings are the elementary pieces of bigger order entities, like SmartCities.

I will let you know when the whitepaper is published so you can download it for your benefit and your views on the subject are already highly appreciated. So send in your comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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