Do you have a Digital Vision?

Posted on: March 14, 2019 by Kulveer Ranger

Over the past three years, a new phrase has slowly found its way into conversations across Atos and beyond – gently at first, later ringing more and more bells, and now an integral part of our thought leadership strategy in the UK&I and globally: as of March 2019, who hasn’t heard of the Digital Vision programme?

Introducing Atos’ Digital Vision

The series, which launched in January 2016 with the Digital Vision for London, has since evolved to span no less than 12 campaigns – all built around creative, thought-provoking opinion papers featuring subject matter experts within our organization and across our vast network of partners and customers. As the editor of the series, I’m proud to report that, besides providing an authoritative vision of a digitally-driven future for markets and technologies, our Digital Visions have achieved something even more crucial: they have prompted conversations that go beyond technical circles to engage a wide audience, ranging from business decision-makers to senior politicians, journalists and media, and most importantly to customers and citizens who are witnessing their lives improved by digital transformation on a daily basis.

The numbers speak for themselves: up to December 2018, our Digital Vision site had recorded over 40,000 page views, paired with over 16,000 interactions on social channels and 92 stories in the press. We had also distributed over 5,500 hard copies of Digital Vision papers. Notable moments for the programme have included the launch of the Digital Vision for Cybersecurity, the opening of the AI Lab and publication of Digital Vision for AI both by the then Digital Ministers, and the Digital Vision for Supercomputing & Big Data being launched in Parliament in the presence of the Prime Minister. These are no exceptions; every Digital Vision to date has counted on the insight of key Government and industry partners, from prominent thinkers and Parliamentarians to leading trade associations including the CBI and techUK.

Ready to be a D-Visionary?

All eye-catching achievements no doubt, but only the first steps on a journey. Starting from today, we will be inviting more voices to take part in the Digital Vision debate. We are encouraging all experts to come forward and share their thoughts on their ‘Digital Vision’, covering topics such as how to drive innovation, where the future of technology will lead and how it will radically transform the daily experience of individuals and the outlook of organizations.

Do you have ideas and thoughts you would like to share? This blog will give you the platform to become part of the Digital Vision conversation. Not sure which direction to take? Think of the ongoing digital revolution powered by AI, and the important ethical questions it invites; the huge changes taking the transport and mobility environment by storm; the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape; or the concept of Total Transformation, which is helping reframe services – particularly in areas such as life & pensions.

There’s no need to feel constrained, though – the Atos blog will welcome all views and angles on the future of technology. The UK&I Communications team is available to support via; get in touch and we will be delighted to share advice and tips for your blog – and welcome you on board the Digital Vision journey!

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