Diversity disruption – the positive change we have been waiting for?

As Lead for Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion in the UK I’m really delighted to be hosting our third Diversity & Inclusion Expo on 20 and 21st May. For the first time we’re hosting the event in London and Scotland, reflecting our ambitions to be an inclusive, diverse and ethical employer of choice and sharing our story across the UK and globally via our remote live stream.

I am so proud to work for an organisation which strives to create a culture in which differences are recognised, valued and celebrated, and the Diversity & Inclusion Expo is a highlight of my year where we get to learn from other incredible organisations whilst also updating our employees and clients on what we’ve been up to. The Expo will shine a light on the continued commitment of Atos to diversity and inclusion both within Atos and with our clients; where we ensure that we are learning and sharing best practice.

This year's theme is ‘Diversity Disruption’. When we thought about what impact we wanted the event to have and the sessions we thought would have value, I kept thinking about how far we’ve come in developing our policies, processes, and services for our employees and customers through focusing on driving an inclusive culture. Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion has supported us to improve our creativity, innovation, and solutions. I am delighted to explore this concept throughout our two-day event, examining the impact Diversity & inclusion has had on our own and other organisations.

I am passionate about ensuring that our events are as accessible and inclusive as possible, and we realise that not everyone can join us for a full day so we are live streaming every session globally with live captions provided by MyClearText. Using a special stenography machine, writers can write at speeds of up to 300 words per minute, ensuring that it’s inclusive and accessible.

In addition to this, we use an app called Sli.do, which allows people to submit questions online and interact with polls, so they can be as engaged with the talks and workshops as someone in the room. Afterward, all the recordings are shared, which also means the content is accessible to people who weren’t available at the time of the event. For our expo this year, we’re working to come up with new ways to leverage this live streaming system so the event can be as useful and engaging as possible for everyone. For example, encouraging groups of colleagues in sites around the UK to watch the live stream together.

Along with some fantastic external speakers and case studies from organisations such as Aviva, The Prince’s Trust, Surrey Police, Neatebox, & Scottish Government, I will be personally sharing our Atos Diversity & Inclusion story. During this session I will be covering how we got to where we are today, our strategy in the UK&I and globally and the things I’m most proud of that we have achieved. We’ll discuss our ambitions and plans with plenty of opportunities for interaction and questions.

If you missed the live session but would like to catch up on the days events, you'll find the recordings HERE.

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About Rachel Edwards
Head of Diversity & Inclusion Atos UK&I
Rachel Edwards is leading Atos' Employee Engagement initiatives in order to support Atos as a Great Place to Work. She supports our diversity networks and promoting a more inclusive working environment for all.

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