Digital user experience in connected cars: a trending topic

Posted on: May 21, 2019 by Aurora Font

Opportunities for high-tech companies

The boom of connected car opens up a wide variety of business opportunities; not only for the automotive companies, but also for many other technology industries.

The specialists in connectivity, icloud and IoT have the perfect scenario to implement their leading products in the automotive field and achieve great impact. The market is also offering to developers of in-cars and smartphones apps the opportunity of new products offering a smooth transition between these devices.

In addition, new business perspectives have opened up for other digital industries, creating specific services adapted to the new automotive environment and the needs of drivers and passengers. I am referring to the providers of infotainment systems such as music, weather, e-mail, social networks ...; telematics like security, traffic control, fleet management ...; subscription services based on the compilation of automatically generated data…, that may be today only in our imagination.

The common denominator of all these services is to provide drivers and occupants a satisfying experience while interacting with new features.

Customers’ wills are changing

Today people are used to high-quality digital experiences on their mobile devices: good apps, easy access to personal information anytime, continuous interaction with contacts and social media, etc. Moreover, every day, users are getting more valuable services through regular updates.

Everybody wants to be connected wherever they are. Car buyers are now expecting to be provided the same kind of digital experiences inside their brand-new vehicle.

So, connectivity and user experience are one of the main factors in the purchase decision process and are becoming the decisive brand factor.

Top car brands

Automotive manufacturers know that the vehicle is a sensitive surrounding and users need a natural, intuitive and easy interaction to relate to their environment: voice, gesture, facial and gaze recognition… Some brands are focusing on enhancing these incipient ways of interaction even by combining different modalities to improve drivers’ experience.

Branding image has always been paramount for the automotive industry. Automotive companies have realized that by investing in digital design, providing outstanding digital user experiences can deliver different connected car experiences to rival those of their competitors. Car manufacturers that have already succeeded in providing branded digital user experience have increased their media exposure. These brands are seen as innovative and progressive.

In summary, car manufacturers willing to be rewarded with customer loyalty are establishing their brand differentiation through innovative software tools that generate attractive experiences to their users.

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