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Posted on: June 2, 2017 by Florence Burnoud

Organizations rely heavily on instant access to online information to support their working processes, their productivity and the security of data. You only have to look at the chaos caused at UK airports recently when British Airways’ data center experienced an internal power outage to see how important data center management is, and having a backup plan for when things go wrong. The economic and reputational impact of a shutdown of this scale may well have long lasting consequences for a brand. And with the amount of data being processed by servers increasing exponentially, all businesses need to be vigilant about their data center operations and mission-critical data.

It has been predicted that by 2020, the amount of data on the planet will reach 44 zettabytes, and it’s only going to continue increasing as more devices get connected to the internet. Being able to analyse and secure this data properly is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. In addition, with the increase in data needing to be processed mainly a result in the explosion of the Internet of Things, assets must be carefully managed and capacity correctly evaluated. So what is the solution for businesses looking to optimise their data and their assets?

Data Center Infrastructure Management may have been used as a buzzword in the industry until recently, but it is now being put to real use. The new vision for the data center bridges the gap between IT and facilities management, bringing together expertise from two parties to provide the customer with a unique and tailored offering. A great example of this is the work we’re doing as part of our Alliance with Siemens, essentially bringing a virtual integration layer between a data center’s IT layer and its physical layer. Bridging the gap between IT services and facilities for the first time allows all data center operations to come together, bringing with it increased reliability and security.

For a business, having this joined up approach to data center management offers a number of benefits:

  • The offering can be flexible and tailored to a company’s individual needs and requirements
  • There are dedicated teams on hand to assist with every part of the digital journey – from security to data analytics to facilities management
  • The ability to efficiently manage data centers globally
  • The business can maximise profitability by using the industry best practices

However, security continues to be one of the biggest issue for businesses of all sizes in managing data, both physical security of data centers, and securing the actual data itself. Nobody wants to be the next company to suffer a breach, or an outage, and hackers are increasingly sophisticated with worldwide attacks such as Wannacry becoming more prevalent. We will be exploring the issue of cyber security and how to protect data centers in our next post looking at what businesses can do in a new cybersecurity era.

Atos and Siemens will be at Datacloud Europe, in Monaco from June 6 – 8 at Booth 75, Terrace 2. In addition, Wim Los, Infrastructure Data Management, VP Technology Transformation Services & Chris Moret, Big Data & Security, VP Cybersecurity will be giving a keynote speech in the Central Theatre at 12.40 on June 7 on their joint vision for the data center. More info here

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Florence is Head of Atos Maintenance & Service Assurance businesses worldwide, covering End-to-End monitoring, DCIM, High Availability and Capacity Planning. Atos’ unique expertise in proactive and unified monitoring services of IT and facilities infrastructures offers CIOs and Data Center managers a holistic view of their entire Data Center, including linking IT and point solutions for managing assets, energy, cooling and facilities, thus helping companies to better serve their customers and optimize their costs. Florence spent 4 years in the US and held different international management positions in Sales, Marketing, Partnerships and Operations covering infrastructure products and solutions, Business Intelligence, Security business and Services delivery. Since the past 4 years, she has been leading the Service Assurance business and delivery center, and more recently also the Maintenance’s business. Florence has a strong market recognition in that area. She holds a Master Degree in Engineering (France) and an Executive MBA (USA).