Circles and shares: A glimpse of societal change

Posted on: 5 July 2019 by Ivo Luijendijk

In our recent thought leadership publication, Journey 2022, we discuss the circular economy principles as a business ideal for sustainable economic growth. We explore how technology will be a great enabler of the circular economy: allowing us to do more with less. We also discuss the cultural and governance shifts required to incorporate circular economy principles.

In the below interview Ivo Luijendijk, Group Industry Director Data Analytics, Atos asks Niels Smidt, Circular Economy Expert and Founder of Circular Ways, to tell us his vision of the circular economy, the examples he sees today, how technology can support the move toward the circular economy and whether the principle is here to stay.

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For further information on the Circular Economy, download the White Paper ‘Circular economy, your digital path’ written by the Atos Scientific Community.

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