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Posted on: March 9, 2012 by Jan Krans

I while ago I spoke with a colleague about a possible new enterprise 2.0 platform for Atos and in our conversation he shared the following story: "Every day I'm off to the office and every day I’m stuck in a traffic jam and then, all of a sudden, I see a plane flying over and I think; if I would have a plane, I would not suffer from traffic congestions. Unfortunately I don’t, but eventually my car gets me where I want to go anyway. "

Flying car 'Transition' gets road approval from NHTSAThe core of his argument comes down to the following; we now have all the tools to achieve certain things in the field of communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Ok, it is maybe not optimal, but it works, if you give it a chance and the time needed to adopt.

“Let's be honest, knowledge sharing and collaboration is still a matter of mindset. Actually some say it’s 20% tooling and 80% people. But what happens now, 80% of the time people talk about the need for new tooling and at the same time they have little knowledge of the tooling we already have today.”

There he certainly has a point, a very good one actually, it touches the core of who we are as human beings: creatures of habit. We always do it in a certain way, so why change it? It has always worked well. Our time for reflection and experimentation is limited. No time to explore how things work, no time to rise above the material at hand. Communication material about how to use different tools is not always present, certainly not in a symbiosis with other tooling. And if it is at hand, often it’s not sufficiently studied because of ‘no time’ and ‘very busy’ argumentation.

Just withdraw yourself from daily activities once and a while (just block time in your agenda) and then from a meta position, search and find what is possible, it is not so easy. But if you try and give it a fair chance, you can find out the cars can actually fly.


This car is really allowed on the road in the U.S., as stated in an article written on the site of ™ a leading web-based science, research and technology news service.

Flying car 'Transition' gets road approval from NHTSA

Ok, I admit to make a car airborne will take more than 20% shift in technology, but just imagine how can you make your collaboration and communication tools fly in your organization? And maybe when you are stuck in traffic again, just let your mind free and try to find ways to optimize the process of working together by making smarter use of the tooling you have today. Maybe you can make a car fly too.

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