Building next-generation platform to succeed in healthcare ecosystems

Posted on: July 3, 2019 by Santi Ristol

As one of the most vital domains for human living, Healthcare has always received great attention from research and pioneered advanced technologies such as DNA recombination, medical robots, transplants and artificial organs.

Bringing legacy tech into the digital era

At the same time, the very complex nature of living things, the multiplicity of specialties needed to handle all kinds of pathology and the scarcity of resources has led to a very siloed approach, per affliction type or place of treatment. This complexity has been increased by the breadth of healthcare value chains themselves, including life science corporations, research institutes, health providers, payers and regulations authorities.

Preparing for a paradigm shift

By fully interconnecting people, business and things anytime anywhere, the latest digital technologies can now not only help healthcare institutions better manage their operations; they can now enable all MedTech players to provide, at last, a holistic care experience. To fully leverage this opportunity, Healthcare must be ready to make a quantum leap:

  • Become wholly patient-centric, federating all players across a 360° personalized patient journey, from healthy living and prevention up to diagnosis, treatment, recovery and home care.
  • Provide intelligent data-driven orchestration so all stakeholders can collaborate around value-based care and precision medicine.
  • Adopt open platform foundations and real-time process automation to provide the best care services at the lowest cost.

More disruptive technologies will emerge. While some may only appear as dots on the horizon today, they will turn out to be transformational in the years to come.

The road ahead

To thrive, healthcare players will need to create the right partnerships and convene the largest ecosystems. Modernizing legacy and fully embracing the latest Cloud, automation, Big Data, API platforms and IoT technologies is only the start of the journey.

Read Health experts' insights in Atos Digital Vision Paper on Health to learn more from on the real revolution in Healthcare.

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