Automated Freedom?

Posted on: April 9, 2013 by Luc Barbier

Alfred’s alarm clock awoke him with the latest Top 5 hits from the Irish charts, in line with the preferences he had set in his virtual assistant.

Atos - Automated Freedom?Why 5:15 am? On the wall was flashing the answer: the personal automated agenda indicated that he should take a day off and go to Barcelona; the flight is scheduled (and already booked!) for 8:15 am!

His smartphone displayed what he needed to put in his suitcase; light casual, as it would be 18 degrees there. Not forgetting to bring a pullover to his sister who (in fact her cloud avatar) had confirmed that she will have lunch with him on the Ramblas [1] during her roadshow to some Spanish Savings Banks. A table for two had been booked, and her food requirements forwarded to the chef - he didn’t know why she was still doing it this way, and not using automated cloud based collaboration services, but that was her problem.

Alfred’s Taxi should arrive in 18 minutes according to the traffic forecast,using neural techniques,to reach his home and then take him to the airport in time for his flight. He will therefore have time to finish the episode that the TV suddenly put on hold yesterday, as he had indicated to the system he would prefer to watch, in real time, the final hole of the PGA golf tournament in Sydney…

Luckily, he had nothing really important tomorrow (of course his automated agenda wouldn’t have facilitated the trip if that were the case): his meetings had been rescheduled, once the notification of day off sent to his manager had been approved.

Purchase of the electronic ticket - with the discount obtained from Alfred’s frequent flyer program -went well and his boarding card had been already stored on his mobile: good news; he would sit next to a PSG [2] fan (a new opt-in facility provided by his airline).

So despite this early wake-up, the day looked promising and simple. But …only looked!

Unfortunately, this nice set of arrangements didn’t materialize as planned. Firstly, the elevator didn’t arrive: the system halted as some pattern of potential failures had been detected. Access to the stairs by eye-recognition was then denied; only after Alfred realized his new lens was the problem and he needed to remove it was this resolved. The assigned taxi had an accident, and the back-up taxi was not immediately allowed to drive outside Paris due to tolls (a strange story of renewing a subscription due to a CO2 threshold being exceeded). Alfred found an alternative way using car-pooling, thanks to his social app and finally reached Charles de Gaulle airport. He then discovered that the plane had been redirected to Madrid as the preferred second choice of the other passengers: this is to avoid a highly probable strike detected through web site analysis of latest tweets exchanged by the luggage handler community.

To Madrid? No way! Alfred decided to re-embrace his autonomy in decision-making: he disconnected his assistant!On the journey back home,using the free electric -car service(by the way self-routed), Alfred remembered a smart blog of a colleague willing to diet from IT in her workday; should he not expand this wish to “out of work” time? To what extent would this be feasible?

For sure,food for interesting discussions to have with the team managing Corporate Social Responsibility.

More on Alfred to come!

Pervasiveness of IT in our daily life is becoming reality. Whilst this story is set in the future, most of the elements mentioned here have been already implemented – we just need to put them together.


2 Paris Saint-Germain, the football team.

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