Atos Olympic Games delivery team share their experiences

Posted on: February 14, 2018 by Pavel Merkulov

Atos could not deliver a flawless technology experience to the Olympic Games without recruiting the best and brightest people from across the globe. Here we ask some of our younger team members about their experiences of working on the Olympic Games.

When did you join the Atos Olympic Games delivery team and how were you recruited?

Pavel: I joined the Atos Olympic Games delivery team in early 2012 as part of the Integration team in Sochi. In one day I went from a local sports fan to being part of the Atos team that helps to deliver the Olympic Games!

Alexey: I joined Atos in July 2011 as an IT Security Architect for the Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014. I did not have any experience of working in an international company before and I was extremely happy to join the team.

Damien: I joined the Atos Olympic Games delivery team back in May 2007. I was working at Atos in Grenoble when I was fortunate enough to meet Claude Philips who had been working as Atos’ Chief Integrator in Athens 2004. He was giving a presentation to Atos employees about our involvement in the Olympic Games. I contacted him afterwards to find out about potential opportunities. Long story short, three months later I was moving to Barcelona to start working as a developer in the Atos Olympic Games delivery team.

Where have you travelled – tell us about your experiences?

Pavel: Working in Atos Olympic Games delivery team has given me huge opportunity to travel and meet people from around the world. In 2014 the Olympic Games brought me to Brazil, the other side of the planet. For more than two years I lived in a completely different cultural environment.

Alexey: I took part in London 2012, Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 Games working in each of these cities during the Games period. I have also travelled to Korea and China as part of my work in the Atos Olympic Games delivery team.

During Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games I am going to work from Barcelona where we provide support 24/7 for critical infrastructure and application services.

What’s been your best moment and why?

Pavel: The best moment so far is definitely when I represented Atos on the IOC Election Committee meeting and announced the results of The IOC Athletes Committee elections held during Rio2016 Olympic Games. I was speaking in front of three times Olympic champion James Tomkins, and various incredible and inspirational members of the IOC. In my hands was the election result just extracted from the system which I had to announce and at that second I felt full attention on me of all of these honoured Olympians. It’s unique moments like this that help you to understand the importance of flawless IT technologies for Olympics.

Alexey: For me it is always the moment when the Olympic Games closing ceremony finishes. It is not the official closure of Atos’ delivery role as some of our services are still operational long after the Games has ended, but I always have a feeling of a big accomplishment that day! Several years of dedication from the team ensuring an incredible and flawless experience for athletes, Olympic family, media and spectators makes you extremely proud on that day.

Damien: There have been plenty of good moments but the Opening Ceremonies are always very special. I was lucky enough to attend the Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony which was as good as anything I’d seen before.

Henrique: My highest moment was definitely taking part in the Paralympic Torch Relay. For starters, I got to travel to Natal, a city that is famous for its beaches and nice warm weather.

How would you describe the team?

Pavel: The team work is so important in projects like the Olympic Games. To achieve our goal and be ready for the Opening Ceremony a lot of things need to be delivered on time and with quality, which is impossible without the dedication of every team member. It´s like in team sports: regardless of your field position, striker or defender, your contribution is key to the success of the team.

Alexey: Very diverse, ambitious and dedicated to delivering the best.

Damien: Diverse, international, expert.

Henrique: The team was unbelievably cohesive. It was uncanny how everybody was focused on delivering the best Games we could. If I would try to find a reason for it, my best guess would be that we were aware from the start that we were supposed to be invisible, I mean, the world is watching the result of our efforts, but, since the interest is in the athletes, we must remain backstage.

What do you hope for from your future with Atos?

Pavel: I believe Atos has a bright future as an innovative Global IT company and I see myself as a strong member of the Atos team. I fully share the company’s ambition to be a world leader in technology.

Alexey: I want to continue growing as a manager and as a leader and contribute to making Atos even more competitive and innovative. To be more specific, I am really interested in the areas of strategic management, business development and change management.

Henrique: When I got the invitation to continue working at Atos, I was really excited. I took it as recognition of all the work, effort and passion I put into the project. I hope that Atos remains a company that recognises and rewards its employees work, the way it has definitely recognised mine.

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About Pavel Merkulov
Games Management System and Information Diffusion System Product Manager, Major Events, Atos
Pavel is from Moscow, Russia, and currently live in Barcelona, Spain. He is working in Atos Major Events in Products department as GMS and IDS Product Manager. Pavel manages Atos product portfolio of Games Management and Information Diffusion Systems, which are the critical applications for holding the Games, from Volunteer registration to On-Venue Results. He works closely to the clients on a daily basis, such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC), different Organizing committees and sports federations, to make our sports services as best as possible. Pavel is a musician and plays the guitar and drums. Few releases of my metal band Nancial (currently disbanded) can be found on Spotify and iTunes.

About Damien Chauvet
Project Manager Cloud, UK, Atos
Damien is French. He has been working for Atos for about 12 years. He worked for Major Events for 9 years and he is currently Project Manager in Atos Cloud team. He worked for Beijing, Vancouver, London and Rio Olympic Games across various positions. He is now based in London.

About Henrique Soares
Penetration Test Consultant, Germany, Atos
Henrique is Brazilian, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, and now he lives in Munich, Germany. He worked as an IT Security Team Lead during the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and he now works as a Penetration Test Consultant for Atos Germany. He has a Master Degree in Computer Networks from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and he has worked within IT Security for nearly 10 years.