Ambitious Decarbonization Goals, Demand Ambitious Action

Atos is committed to an ambitious target of transforming the way we interact with our customers and becoming a leader in secured and decarbonized digital. Last month we went further, announcing that we are joining Business Ambition for 1.5°C, a global movement of leading companies working to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. This means that we will continue to drastically reduce our emissions and at the same time offset 100% of all our residual emissions, so that to reach Net Zero emissions by 2035. Crucially, this will see Atos setting CO2 emission targets not only for the emissions under our direct control, but also those under our influence, including those of our customers and suppliers.

“The great long-term challenge we all face, and which already demands our urgent attention, is achieving full sustainability and decarbonization. Our clients know this and that is why we are increasingly eager to join forces with them so that together we can pursue this path and accelerate our decarbonization journeys leveraging on digital technologies“, confirms Philippe Mareine, Chief Digital & Transformation Officer and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Atos.

“The great long-term challenge we all face, and which already demands our urgent attention, is achieving full sustainability and decarbonization.” Philippe Mareine

The Hard Part

Pledging to deliver Net Zero is not unusual, but few organizations are committed to doing this across the value chain. For technology businesses measuring their own environmental footprint and understanding the impact of their own business is much more straightforward than making the same assessment across the value chain. And yet, reducing emissions across the entire value chain is vital if we are to make meaningful progress towards arresting and, ultimately, reversing climate change. This is the key difference in Atos’s approach, we will be delivering Net Zero and reducing emissions across the value chain at the same time.

To successfully reduce emissions across the entire value chain requires businesses to collaborate in building a shared understanding of what sustainability is and to be prepared to share more detailed information on their own carbon footprints. Through collaborating in this way, the sector can arrive at a shared understanding of Net Zero and more effectively work towards making it a reality.

Realising Net Zero

Speaking at the DEFRA/United Nations Climate Action Conference last week, Kulveer Ranger, SVP Strategy & Communications at Atos in the UK, made the case for greater collaboration towards achieving Net Zero among technology businesses. Highlighting the need for a commonly understood definition of Net Zero as the first step towards realizing this goal.

Having been recognized as the most sustainable IT Services company in the world by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), Atos’s own experience provides a blueprint for other businesses as they work towards reducing emissions across the entire value chain.  In 2019 we offset 100% of our emissions under our control through investing in renewable energy and conservation initiatives. This reflects the fact that we are not only committed to achieving Net Zero, but are already in our way towards fulfilling this by 2035, 15 years ahead of the Paris agreement´s most demanding target.

Kulveer pointed out in particular: “Looking ahead, the aim for the technology sector must be to reduce the guestimation and estimation, and increase the transparency, collection and accurate reporting of data. Our goals are ambitious, but they are proportionate to the climate emergency we face.  Furthermore, it is by achieving these goals that our industry can deliver coordinated action towards making the Net Zero society a reality.”

“The aim for the technology sector must be to reduce the guestimation and estimation, and increase the transparency, collection and accurate reporting of data” Kulveer Ranger


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About Philippe Mareine

Chief Digital and Transformation Officer and Head of CSR
Prior to his current position, he was Deputy Manager in the French Treasury department’s Inspection Générale des Finances unit and, previously, he was in charge of Human Resources in the Public Accounts department of the French Ministry for the Budget. From 2005 to 2007, he was technical adviser in charge of employee relations and reform in the office of the French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry. He held several managerial positions at the French Tax Administration. He joined Atos in 2009 as General Secretary of the Board of Directors in charge of legal functions, compliance, audit, security and social responsibility policy. He was Head of Human Resources. He is today Head of Siemens Global Alliance and Chief Digital & Transformation Officer. Mr Mareine is also in charge of Group CSR. He is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale d’Administration.

About Kulveer Ranger

Global Head of Strategy & Comms FS&I, SVP Strategy & Comms UK&I
Kulveer Ranger is Senior Vice President, Strategy & Communications for Atos UK&I and is a member of the Atos UK&I Executive Board. He is responsible for alignment between UK&I business strategy and corporate communications. He is Deputy President for Economic Productivity and a board member of techUK and sits on the SmarterUK Cities and Communities Board.He spent a decade in management consultancy before leading the Mayor of London’s Transport, Environment and Digital Strategy Policy divisions between 2008-12 and was on the board of Transport for London. Kulveer has also been a member of a variety of boards including London 2012 Olympic Transport and Bristol 2015. He was chairman of the Digital City Exchange Advisory Board at Imperial College Business School from 2012-18.He has an extensive knowledge of major infrastructure and technology programme delivery between the public and private sectors. Kulveer is an international public speaker, a regular broadcaster for TV and radio and a passionate Tottenham Hotspur FC fan.

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