A millennial’s view: The future of healthcare

Posted on: June 27, 2019 by Christopher Joynson

My wearables have been measuring my sleep, temperature, heart rate as well as my eating habits and exercize performance. Through comparing this data against the available health data base and my past performance, it has noticed a downward trend and a slight temperature increase. When I wake up in the morning, my phone suggests that I could be coming down with an illness and so it opens my health dashboard app and asks me some questions on other symptoms; are you suffering from a headache? Are you finding it difficult to concentrate? From this, my phone can now say with a reasonable amount of certainty I am going to be ill. In fact, some of the answers I have given suggest it could be more serious than just the flu.

My phone automatically books me in with a specialist in the particular illness it believes I have, sends my health information that has been tracked over a number of weeks and my responses to the earlier questions so that the doctor is as informed as possible. It then gives its own intermediate recommendation of paracetamol and rest. A few minutes later, my phone rings on video call and I answer to the specialist who already knows all my details, history and current stats. The specialist is able to make a very quick diagnostic and signs off on the prescription, I then pay via fingerprint identification on my phone and it will arrive by drone to my drop box within a few hours.

I am not yet feeling many symptoms but I have the correct treatment to pre-empt my illness. I haven’t yet had a call from my manager to ask where I am as my phone has already blocked out my diary and informed my work, which is now verified with a digital doctors note. I haven’t needed to fill a GP waiting room, and I haven’t let a minor illness become chronic.

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