7 Tips to Practice Positivity

Posted on: March 20, 2018 by Marianne Hewlett

According to experts, happiness is a choice and not something that is entirely influenced by external circumstances. By simply deciding to be happy, we can adopt and live a more positive life. It takes just seconds to go from feeling down to feeling good – if you pick the right approach.

Here are some simple, effective ways to achieve instant happiness:

Let go and step outside

In the office or at home, problems or dark thoughts can sometimes creep up on you. You can simply step away from them by going outside. Take some deep breaths, enjoy the fresh air and go for a walk to loosen up those tense muscles. Look around with fresh eyes, take in the beauty of the landscape, notice the details and let yourself get inspired by nature. This will increase your levels of serotonin and elevate your mood. As a bonus you may find the answer to the problem that was nagging you!

Unplug and enjoy some “me” time

Unplug and switch off regularly from the daily tsunami of information. Reward yourself with a daily dose of “me”–time to meditate, write down your thoughts or listen to some music. Try 30 minutes a day and if you are too busy then you should definitely make it one hour! Meditation helps to promote a positive mindset and as a bonus it lowers your blood pressure.

Connect with someone you care about

In today’s hyperconnected world we often work and socialize in virtual communities. Face to face contact, sharing a coffee, or going out for lunch together will lift your mood, as will a shoulder rub or a pat on the back to support a friend or colleague. Or simply stroke a pet, yours or someone else’s. Research has shown that it will stimulate your touch receptors, automatically releasing the feel-good brain chemical oxytocin and at the same time decreasing the stress hormones in your body. For best results, try the power of a good hug.

Be thankful and show appreciation

Gratitude can help you focus on the positive aspects of your life. Remind yourself daily of three things to be thankful for – your family, a sunny day or supportive friends. Send a thank you note to someone you care about or get involved in a good cause. Even small acts of kindness such as getting a coffee for your colleague or helping your elderly neighbour can make all the difference. You’ll feel much happier for it.

Sing your heart out

Singing and dancing can be an instant, positive mood booster. Singing out loud to your favorite tune in the car, or dancing to music on a night out, naturally lifts our spirits.

Dress to impress

Research has shown that casual wear may be comfortable, but to feel good fast you need to make special effort. Choose your favourite outfit for an instant perk-up. Pay attention to the colour you select – red makes you stand out and radiates passion whilst yellow lets you shine and spread a little warmth. Remember, when you look good, you feel great.

Smile and laugh out loud

Laughter is the best medicine – it relieves tension and stress and is the best mood booster around. Laughter makes you feel happy and is also very contagious! Nothing to smile about? Try a fake smile. Our brains are hardwired to associate the activation of the face’s “smile muscles” with actual happiness. So when you turn up the corners of your mouth your brain physiology will change and you’ll automatically feel happier.

Choose to be happy, and the great thing is you can start today!

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