AmpS 7.0

Operating Excellence

AmpS 7.0 is Atos’ latest release of our market leading deployable Asset Management and Planning System supporting the latest technologies and demands of a  new generation of users. Our new AmpS 7.0 solution delivers to the customer an end user device independent experience that maximises user uptake and productivity, delivering highest quality asset information to drive asset performance.

atos-au-oe-devices-Software As A Service

AmpS 7.0 has been architected to be delivered in a SaaS model enabling the customer to adapt its usage to the peaks and troughs in line with the demands of the business. AmpS 7.0 can be provided on premise or hosted in the cloud. Our Atos Canopy Cloud infrastructure enables you to plug and go with the system within minutes.

Investment Protection

AmpS 7.0 is compatible with supported older version of Amps. This ensures that our customers using Amps on large fleets can progressively move to the new platform over time.


Technology Independent

AmpS 7.0 offers the freedom of choice of the IT infrastrcture. Our platform supports all the major database, operating system, browser and web servers you are likely to ever use. This ensures you will be able to maximise use of your current IT infrastructure to reduce investment costs.

To any device

AmpS 7.0 delivers asset data to any device anywhere at any time. Whether Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Microsoft Surface, Chromebook or desktop/laptop browsers, users can enjoy using AmpS 7.0 in a modern user interface, all managed by a single codebase.


AmpS 7.0 maintains the solution’s unique feature of delivering a truly deployable capability with remote sites able to operate offline. The deployable capability is  built right into the platform. This will provide greater flexibility and reliability for our users on disconnected assets.

Breadth and Depth of Functionality –  more than maintenance

AmpS 7.0 continues to provide an extremly broad and in depth capability that goes beyond the traditional maintenance management system. The functionality of AmpS 7.0 offers alignment to ISO 55000 & 55001 Asset Management standard.

Inbuilt Dashboard

Getting access to high level maintenance data and drilling down into the detail has never been easier with AmpS 7.0 with  in-built, configurable dashboards, available across all devices.

Ease of Administration

AmpS 7.0 is all about reducing your running costs. The platform manages multiple environments, configuration control and upgrade delivery, ensuring that you focus your time and effort on using the tool, not administering it.

Integration / Big Data Platform

AmpS 7.0 opens up massive opportunities to drive big data initiatives through the platform’s inbuilt connectivity. An extensive library of connectors enable AmpS 7.0  to quickly and easily collect from monitoring systems, integrate to ERP systems and share data with PLM systems. AmpS 7.0 will support your initiatives to use your valuable infromation to enable enterprise wide big data programs that optimise asset performance.


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