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Simulation and AI/ML riding the digital twin wave

Most organizations across industries have been on overdrive to push digital transformation targeting savings, increasing revenue, or improving quality and reliability. A few common industry challenges such as: • “Help me predict failure of my plant asset. How do we plan scheduled maintenance optimizing operation, logistics and inventory cost? (OPEX)” • “How can we maximize performance/throughput from our assets?” • “How can I send personalize insight and proactive…

Industry 4.0: The future of the industry is today!

We all know that Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, but what are the main technologies that are changing the manufacturing sector

Realizing “Blue Ocean Strategy” through Digital Twin

Sandeep Bhan Digital Twin Program Mgr. / Global B&PS CTO Industry 4.0Murli Mohan Srinivas Digital Twin Lead / Head Industry 4.0 - Germany and member of the Scientific CommunityPosted on: February 10, 2020 The fourth industry revolution (Industry 4.0) is set bring sweeping technological changes in the IT landscape in the manufacturing industry. However, most businesses do not recognize that these changes due to digitization are an effective instrument…

Spatial computing applied to enrich the understanding of autonomous cars

A futuristic holographic experience for consumers and engineers House-hold automotive brand names are that of Lexus, Toyota and BMW. But soon consumers will begin to see different automotive brand names as cars become more digital and autonomous. Since cars are transforming into highly capable computers that rely on software, just as much as they rely on the engine, consumers will begin to see technology companies…

Mobile World Congress 2019

As every year in Barcelona, the last week of February, it took place a new edition of the Mobile World Congress, and this year has been especially full of technological innovations that have been spearheaded by and the Internet of Things (IoT), a section that in addition to mobiles, includes wearables with innovative features in terms of design, materials and features, robots and drones, domestic appliances, and connected cars with autonomy

Five ways the Future of Work will surprise you

It has been said that as a species, we humans first shape our technologies, and then our technologies shape us. It seems no more so than in the realm of the way we work, and with regard for the Future of Work

Artificial Intelligence in motion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing as an up and coming technology, and considering all that it has to offer, there are certainly no doubts regarding its benefits. The developments in recent years into the field of AI are largely unprecedented and have opened the doors towards a lot of new pathways – so much in fact that the technology is now at the stage of consistent development. Within this changing eco system, three…

Spot the Robot! Industrial Robots

Obviously, this is a robot. And it has been since the 70’s.  Big metal arms that lift, weld, or hold - over and over again. So if they look the same, where is all the innovation?  Why are people calling them parts of a cyber-physical system when they used to be just called robots? There is an incredibly long list of exciting progress, but I’ll mention just three: mobility, collaboration, and awareness.…