Enhanced Alliance

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In 2012, four of the world’s leading technology and IT service companies joined forces to found the Enhanced Alliance – Atos, EMC, VMware and VCE.

The Enhanced Alliance is forming a seamless Business Technology Ecosystem that provides true business transformation through combining innovative technology with top quality services – delivered by four of the world’s most influential IT organizations.

With our deep technology expertise, industry knowledge, and our unique partnership commitment linking our joint efforts commercially together, you get the best out of our combined product and service portfolios.

Four Service and Technology Leaders – One innovative and long term committed Alliance

Atos: the #1 European IT services and solutions company, providing deep industry expertise and service excellence.

EMC: the premier provider of internet infrastructure and security solutions and the most advanced of all storage architects.

VMware: the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, delivers customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT by reducing complexity while significantly lowering costs and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery.

VCE: leader in converged cloud infrastructure systems which, through Vblock™ Systems, provides an optimized information technology system.

By uniting these leaders our Enhanced Alliance provides greater value through combined innovation and expertise that centers every critical business transformation around you – our customers.

The Enhanced Alliance provides:

  • Leading Cloud solutions, leveraging technology expertise with high standardization
  • Best-of-breed customization– when deeper integration with existing IT is necessary
  • Combined industry expertise
  • Infrastructure & Data Management in context of Workplace Management, Managed Infrastructure, Application Operations, Network & Communications and Security

The Enhanced Alliance offers you the best of both worlds – standardization and customization – end to end.

With Canopy, The Open Cloud Company™, we formed within our alliance a new force in enterprise cloud, combining Atos’ depth of sector-specific knowledge and business transformation; EMC’s leadership position in security and storage; and VMware’s global leadership in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Read more about the Cloud One-Stop-Shop.

The Alliance delivers benefits and leadership far beyond its complementary solutions and services. It is much more than the ‘sum of its parts’, delivering a bigger ‘value’ – a seamless Business Technology Ecosystem that aligns critical services and the technologies that empower them.

Enhanced Alliance, The business-technology-ecosystem


Enhanced Alliance, the business technology ecosystem

In 2012, Atos, EMC, VMware and VCE, four of the world’s leading technology and IT services companies, announced their Enhanced Alliance. By formally coordinating our resources through our alliance, we take the value of what we can deliver collectively to our clients to a new level.