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The digital revolution has already changed expectations. Amazon, Uber, Spotify and the rest give us a taste of just how easy and hassle-free access to services and products can be. Customers expect the same from insurance companies.

Insurance companies were amongst the first to grasp the importance of an active online presence. It’s time to take that to the next level, not just in terms of new products but in new standards of ease and convenience.

Clarity and response become the foundation for exemplary customer experience in insurance.

Now Insurance from Atos gives you a joined-up set of solutions which will help you give your customers an insurance experience that they will recommend.



of consumers now willing to download and use insurance apps

Now Insurance: modular and connected



Now Insurance solutions work in combination, fully supporting your ambition to deliver matchless customer experience. They enable you to delight your customers, while delivering priceless insight for winning business development.


As an experienced systems integrator, Atos helps you pilot, plan and phase adoption so that your customer transition to a better experience is smooth and risk-free.

Now Insurance – Customer Centric Engagement

Now Insurance helps you make the shift from product-centric to customer-centric behavior.

Establish a way of doing business that is open to innovation, with every change in your customers’ increasingly digital lifestyles.

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The advice and guidance you give customers will ultimately determine enduring loyalty.

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