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Analytics at the heart of the Paralympic Games

Making analytics part of the Paralympic Games


As the Paralympic Games get underway, the world’s attention turns to thoughts of who will leave this year with the most gold medals.  At the London 2012 Paralympic Games the Australian swimmer Jacqueline Freney secured no fewer than eight individual gold medals, more than any other Paralympic athlete. While not competing at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Jacqueline has thrown down the gauntlet for this year’s competitors.

We’re ensuring that data and analytics sit at the heart of the Paralympic Games.  We’re relaying real-time results around the globe in under half a second, and helping media organisations add insight and value through real-time feed of complex data.

With this in mind, the Paralympic Swimming events are particularly interesting to compare with their Olympic Games counterparts as the added complexity of the Paralympic swimming events generates significantly more data, which we’re capturing accurately and using to enhance the viewer experience. We’re making sense of complex data for Rio2016 to provide real-time data and information to benefit athletes, journalists, visitors, viewers, and online users for personalised services.

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games take place from 7-18 September 2016 and sees 4,350 athletes from more than 160 countries competing across 22 different sports. For the Worldwide IT Partner delivering the Olympic and Paralympic Games to the world, the time between these major events is one of significant pressure.  After having had many months to get everything in place for the Olympic Games, everything must come together for the Paralympics in a matter of two weeks.  It’s critical to get the co-ordination and orchestration of all the fellow technology partners and suppliers right – which is what we have done through our proven track record as Service Integration And Management (SIAM) specialists.

We’ve made sure all the pieces come together at the right time to deliver a Paralympic Games set to be the most digitally accessible in history.

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