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Human-centred Digital Transformation


The Olympic Games has proven throughout its history to be a catalyst for technological progress.

Change is essential for all human progress, but not always straightforward to drive through. Above all, it can be hard to get processes underway with enough momentum to ensure the project at hand reaches its tipping-point. This has never been truer than now, in the digital age. Because digital means more than technology. It represents the new societal, business and organisational norm. We already know customers have all the power, but that power shift also applies to employees. The smartest millennials leave companies that “feel out-of-date”, often because they are forced to use old-fashioned hardware and applications.

Digital Transformation is something that many CEOs balk at. It needs people on board and needs to drive enthusiasm.  But most of all – like an Olympic athlete – it needs to get off to a very good start, and from training to the day of performance, it needs to cover all the angles.

We know the key questions that need to be asked and answered at the outset: How do you create a culture that embraces digital ways of working?  How do you ensure that people are ready, willing and able to embrace digital transformation?  What will your digital workplace look like? How are you designing smarter, new ways of working for productivity, collaboration, agility, innovation – whilst still ensuring good governance?

Even though the mantra of the age is “digital, digital, digital”, we know it’s still all about people, and thus about leading change.  And this is where the digital change becomes self-sustaining: as well as using conventional change techniques we combine with viral, digital change: behavioural analytics helps us to iteratively develop user adoption strategies and ensure the wider programme retains its focus on benefits realisation.  All in all, we’re driving new ways of thinking to foster new ways of working.

Companies spending tens of millions on digital transformation projects know that they will only work if people make it work.  Which means we need to allow people to invent their own ways of working, and set the frame for them to succeed.

The Olympic Games is one of the finest expressions of the human spirit. As we’ve done for the Games, we’re helping organisations to move forward as their partner for digital transformation, by thinking digital, thinking business, and thinking human.

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