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For most Olympic Games sports it is imperative to make conditions as consistent and globally- replicable as possible in order that athletes can perform in their ideal, recognised environment.  But in the open water sailing events, unpredictability (of water, wind and weather conditions, for example) means that level of consistency isn’t possible.  The abilities that define the winners in sailing include anticipation and reaction.

The Finn is the men’s single-handed, cat-rigged Olympic Games sailing category.  The Finn has been called the most physical and tactical singlehander sailboat in the world.  Ben Ainslie is the most successful Olympic Games sailor of all time, and has won gold in the Finn at the last four Olympic Games.

Anticipation is a key characteristic of leaders.  Anticipating trends and behaviour is mission-critical when it comes to gaining the winning edge.  IT security is one such area.  We expect to see over 200 IT security events per second at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and we’re using real-time, advanced data analysis tools and a set of rules to search through the millions of security logs generated every day. These are tracking nearly every hint of digital activity within the Games network, ensuring zero impact on the Games.

In a wider business sense, advance analytics allows firms to become more agile through anticipation of market demands. Predictive intelligence models are used to track, interpret and predict changing customer preferences over time. The results of these models can be used to improve sales and profitability in various ways: by identifying cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, predicting the impact of campaigns, improving merchandise and assortment plans, reducing customer churn, and so forth. For those in manufacturing and retail this enables firms to forecast product demand and optimise inventory.

Atos is helping companies truly unlock the full potential of predictive analytics to put themselves one step ahead of the competition in the digital era contact us now.

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