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Staying focused to the last

The last mile or the last millimetre – staying focused to the last


The quest for perfection, and rigorous, relentless practice meant Niccolò Campriani became the first Italian in the history of shooting to win an individual world title, securing both the Olympic gold medal and the current Olympic Record in the 50 metre rifle, three positions, at London in 2012.

No reward comes without great dedication and focus.  For the Rio 2016 Olympic Games we are also aiming sharper, having completed 200,000 hours of testing for over 80 applications and processes needed to manage everything from accreditation through the actual results of over 300 events.  The world’s largest sporting event starts on the minute and every single application and process must be guaranteed to run faultlessly from start to finish.  Challenges don’t come much bigger.

In the Olympic Games, as in business, detailed planning, constant training and rigorous testing are essential to achieve the best results. It not only ensures that things work smoothly under stress, it gives you the peace of mind and the confidence to deliver when it counts.

Operational Excellence forms the backbone of success of any digital project today, regardless of size, scale and complexity.  We’re proud to deliver the IT backbone behind the Rio 2016 Olympic Games – and we’re using that experience to help companies worldwide to perform their best.  Test us and find out more.

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