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driving Olympic Games sustainability

Sustainability and the Olympic Games


Sustainability is a truly global challenge.  As a global event of the highest profile, the Olympic Games must be seen to be actively promoting sustainability, both in the physical infrastructure construction and legacy planning for the host cities, and in the set-up and operations of the events themselves.

One of our core beliefs is that digital IT technologies can deliver a fairer and more inclusive world and can help protect our environment for generations to come.  We’re working closely with the Olympic Movement and Organizing Committees to reduce the environmental footprint of the Olympic Games and increase their positive social legacy.

We’re helping the progress of digital IT delivery for the Olympic Games. Rio 2016 will be a milestone in the digital IT transformation enabling the upcoming Games from Pyeongchang 2018 onwards to move away from a one-time use model towards a Cloud-based solution based on a build once, use many times model. We will migrate into a permanent center in Europe, increasing the efficiency of the IT operations for future Olympic Games.  The initiative to move the IT infrastructure to a Cloud-based delivery model aims not only to reduce costs but also to minimize the environmental footprint in host cities. In this way we contribute to help leave the host city of the Olympic Games with the most sustainable environmental and social legacy.

Atos is leading the way in delivering sustainable, innovative solutions that can transform the business operations of our customers and create lasting value for society more widely. We’re helping companies leverage cutting edge technologies in Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Mobility to roll out new products and services which maximize profitability with a positive social and environmental impact.

The latest generation of Atos data centers has also enabled dramatic increases in energy efficiency, which together with its smart solutions and carbon neutral hosting service, help our clients tackle both their business and environmental challenges.

We believe that digital innovation holds the key to sustainable growth. This active commitment to social and environmental innovation means we do all we can to create sustainable long-term value, not only for our clients but for society in general.

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