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analytics just got personal

Analytics just got personal

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The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games saw an unheralded 15-year old swimmer come fifth in the 200-metre butterfly.  While that would have been the peak of achievement for many, it was the realisation that he’d been only half a second off a podium place that convinced Michael Phelps he could – and would – go on to win it. Today, he’s the most decorated Olympian of all time.

The Olympic Games are not just about taking part, they are about getting results. Defying difficulties to surpass other competitors – but most of all, to surpass yourself. To go further.

We know that figures, record and statistics aren’t just numbers: we know that they are a lever of progress. That’s why handling complex data for the Olympics is critically important. Because we know it’s much more than performance tracking. It’s a way to move forward, assess, predict, progress.

Like never before in history, digital has led us to a world where competitive positions may move at any time, where today’s winner could be displaced within just a few months and where tomorrow’s innovators may themselves be replaced even more rapidly. We’re entering an age of perpetual reinvention. And advanced analytics is what will enable this reinvention.

It’s not only tracking everything simply to deliver a better customer experience and improve operational excellence, but also to identify the signals that announce emerging trends and opportunities for business reinvention. In essence, we’re entering a data-driven world where the winners will be those who will succeed in turning this data into the intelligence that allows them to constantly adapt and reinvent their business models.

We’re making sense of complex data for Rio2016 to provide real-time data and information to benefit athletes, journalists, visitors, viewers, and online users for personalised services.

And more widely, we’re helping our customers leverage analytics to constantly assess, adapt and improve their business. Find out how contact us now.

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