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The 400m relay race is one of the most-watched in the Olympic Games. It’s a chance to see a mix of athletes – some of whom may be high-profile in their own right, for example for the 100m race – coming together for the sake of the team.

The baton itself is a compelling metaphor for many things: collaboration, optimism, and the passing on of responsibility to trusted team-mates.  The Olympics is about people joining together to make something spectacular happen, and working in teams supporting one another to ensure it does. Whether it’s the teams of athletes, the media, the volunteers, the judges, the operational staff at the venues, the wider global viewing audience or the technology team – participation and collaboration are at the heart of the Olympic Games.

In the spirit of the relay race, as Worldwide IT Partner and lead integrator, we bring fellow technology partners and suppliers together to ensure a seamless IT operations of the Olympic Games. The combined team ensures the technical and operational services run robustly and reliably. With four years preparation for a two week peak time event, getting the teamwork right is critical.

As the business world moves increasingly to Digital services, a more agile approach to service delivery – and to supplier and partner orchestration – marks out the winners from the other competitors. Which is what our supplier integration methodology delivers. It’s an honour and a privilege to be part of the Olympic movement  passing on the baton.

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