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Rio 2016: Delivering choice and accessibility

Distributing results from A-Z for Rio2016 to billions of fans around the world


Some sports at the Olympic Games rely on power, stamina, athleticism, dexterity. And some rely on having a really good eye. The men’s archery has been dominated in the modern era by South Korea. At the last Olympics Im Dong-Hyun set a new world record of 699 in the 72 arrow men’s individual ranking.

From Archery to Golf to Rugby to Wrestling, for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games ddistributing the results of every single event to the world in less than half a second, is a technological feat years in the making. Driven by the maturity of mobile technology, we, as the Worldwide IT Partner and lead integrator of the Olympic Games – have led the IOC’s technology effort to enable Games results and other data to be shared both online and through traditional means faster, to any platform, anywhere.

We’ve been working for years to develop a way of bringing all the hardware, software, applications and networking equipment provided by the fellow technology partners and suppliers together in a secure and seamless environment.

Before, during and after each Olympic event, results data are gathered, processed and fed through networks and channels to a broad range ofaudiences — the Olympic athletes and their coaches, the Olympic judges and officials, the spectators and the media, as well as the billions of viewers in more than 200 countries around the world.

Importantly, these Information Diffusion Systems incorporate the central results platform during the Games so that results are immediately available for the public to follow their favorite teams and athletes.

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