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enabling an experience for anyone from anywhere

Enabling an experience for anyone from anywhere


In this multichannel era an increasing opportunity exists to bring sport to as wide an audience as possible across the world – enabling a fa

ntastic experience from anywhere in the world to anyone. Rio 2016 will be an Olympic Games that many consume live through primarily digital channels- accessible in real time not only to visitors to Brazil but to billions of people across the world. Each performance and result will be delivered digitally across the world, just a swipe away.

Whether in sporting events or business engagements, customer experience is key to strengthening connections.  People expect an immersive, 360°, multichannel experience that gives them choice in how, what and when they consume the events.  But it’s not just about results and information: viewers will this year get the complete picture, blending physical and digital worlds, from onsite events to multiple media channels, websites, mobile apps and social networks.  It all adds up to a richer, personalised Olympic Games experience.

As Worldwide IT Partner we deliver the IT backbone of Rio 2016, enabling a fully connected Olympics– putting you at the heart of it.  Whether you are fan, volunteer, coach, athlete, whether you want to participate or just want to watch, we take part in improving the personal experience.

What we do for the Olympic Games, we can do in other forms for customers globally.


We help companies provide a 360° experience to their customers, with seamless contextual services across all channels, both physical and digital. We do this through one-to-one personalised insights, helping foster richer relationship management.

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