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the IT team behind Rio 2016

The power of passion: the IT team behind Rio 2016


The Olympic Games mark a unique opportunity for many people to get involved, taking personal pride and responsibility in making the Olympics an organised and enjoyable experience for the athletes, media and billions of fans.

The massed ranks of volunteers has been a notable feature of the Olympic Games since being so successful in Sydney 2000.  The London2012 Games saw a record 70,000 ‘Games Makers’ commit eight million hours of voluntary work behind the scenes.

In many sports, victory is not just the result of individual excellence. It’s the addition of talents and relentless synergies. This is the same for the overall Games. As Worldwide IT Partner and lead IT integrator, we orchestrate thousands of staff, volunteers and fellow technology partners so that the technology operations and services will provide the Games with a seamless, perfect experience to athletes, officials, visitors and audience. Because success is not just the result of individual performances. It is the result of teamwork.

For our part in helping the Rio2016 volunteer effort go smoothly, we’ve managed the volunteer portal which supported the volunteer process from application, through to selection, through to managing the rotas for all 50,000 volunteers.  It also drives the entire secure accreditation process and issuing the accreditation badges which guarantee volunteers have the right access at the right times.  And we have trained and will manage an IT team of around 3,500 to work efficiently and effectively in a high intensity temporary workplace.

Launching new or temporary workplaces that succeed is an art rather than a science: a sharp, smart mix of workplace management and supplier integration.  We have over two decades of experience of running supplier integration and management at the very highest level, driving collaborative cultures of shared values and shared success – we know what we’re doing. contact us now.

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