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Make record-breaking a mind-set, not an end-game


Dick Fosbury changed the High Jump forever. He used the “Fosbury Flop” to win gold at the Mexico 1968 Olympic Games, rendering the scissor-jump obsolete. Today, every High Jumper does the Fosbury Flop.

The history of human achievement is elevated by innovators like Dick Fosbury, people who are curious and don’t accept received wisdom. People who take the same data and work under the same strictures as others, but think outside the box, to do things differently. In Dick Fosbury’s case, a technique he’d discovered – to lower his centre of gravity by stretching out on his back – permanently altered the history of his chosen sport. He is – literally – a game-changer.

The history of the Olympic Games is a history of broken records, of pushing today’s frontiers further. What athletes do at the Games, we do for the Games. Time after time, at the largest sports event, as Worldwide IT Partner, we go further in providing our IT services that simplify data distribution and management, increase audience coverage on any device. Enable innovation and process agility. We’re not only supporting the world’ largest sporting event -we’re contributing to realising the future of digital IT.

When it comes to business reinvention, it’s not about having one record in sight. It’s about making record-breaking a mind-set that drives the business. We use advanced analytics and out-of-the-box thinking to help our other customers reinvent their value propositions and break new records in a digital world..

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