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In terms of how it reaches the people, the modern Olympic Games has seen different ages.

1896 saw the advent of the modern Olympic Games in Athens. For those wanting to share in the excitement of the Games live as they happened, the only choice was to turn up in Greece.

1924 saw the second age of the modern Olympics, and the one that truly began the work of opening up a live global event to a global audience, through the first live broadcasts on radio.

It wasn’t until 1948 that the live events were first broadcast directly into people’s homes on television. This marked the start of the next age.

2016 marks the current age of the modern Olympics, one which is in many respects a culmination to the Olympic Games journey of more than a century. Driven by the maturity of mobile technology, we expect these will be the first Olympic Games experienced live by the majority of its global viewers online.

As Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games we deliver the IT backbone behind the Rio 2016 Olympic Games that enables the furthest-reaching, most inclusive customer experience – helping the Games to be enjoyed by as many people as possible across the globe, sharing memorable moments and new peaks of human achievement.

The digital IT transformation challenges faced by the IOC – turning the Olympic Games securely into the most connected and digital enabled experience to date – mirror the challenges we frequently encounter in the business world.

Whether it’s increasing demands on sophisticated IT solutions for the Olympics or new digital business models for enterprises, we understand the big picture. Find out more about making your vision a reality.

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