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Adam Button from Hereford says

“My breakthrough moment was my contribution to winning and successfully delivering one of our largest consulting deals!”


Adam Button who is home-based in Hereford, UK is head of Security Architecture for the Global Siemens Account (GSA) in Managed Services.

“I joined Business Consulting as part of what is now the eGRC team, as a senior Consultant working mostly on HMG contracts.  That was two years ago now and I moved across  last June.”

“I’m responsible for all of the Security Architecture across all systems that we manage within GSA; Designing the solutions, reviewing others, updating, working closely with governance on compliance, testing and audit assistance. There’s hardly time for a coffee break!” Says Adam.

“Atos is one of the few employers that allow homeworking for senior managers, they also recognize that as a disabled employee, my needs are very different from colleagues who are completely mobile – just coming in for a meeting requires a lot of planning.  It’s great that Atos recognizes this and makes allowances.”

He says; “Since joining Atos I’ve felt very proud of the work that the team put in to make sure our customers are happy. Some of our larger projects are extremely rewarding, and I think the DWP accreditation stands out as one that went exceptionally smoothly.”

“During the paralympics a breakthrough moment for me will be when the world realises that having a disability is not what defines you.  You are capable of doing everything that a “normal” person does – just differently.”  Says Adam.

“I spend a lot of time in Brussels, and what stands out for me there, is the attitude to inclusion. They have a great phrase “it is not being disabled, it’s a person of reduced mobility”.

“When it comes to sports… well where do I begin! Long before I needed wheels and my cranky spine I used to ski, did a Slalom and Giant Slalom and even a few FIS competitions in Europe.   Since then, I’ve played wheelchair basketball for many years, at league level. I also enjoy  Wheelchair rugby and had the pleasure of captaining the Wales national squad twice.”

“Now I play Ice Sledge Hockey for two countries! Cardiff Huskies in the UK and Kamen Barbarians in Germany – even been invited to join the Belgian national sledge hockey squad!”

“I would say the Olympic Games show the world having Atos as a partner gives organisations like the IPC the confidence that the technology required will be delivered to an exceptionally high standard, on time, and will way surpass their expectations.”

“I am sure I speak for many in Atos when I say that we genuinely put our hearts and souls into everything we do. Performance through Pride and Passion!”

Let’s all thank Adam for sharing this special story!


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